My Blog’s October 2016 Horror Month Recap

Hi all! Happy November! October’s month of horror-related posts is always fun but I’m also happy to move on once the month finishes. So let’s just have a quick recap of the 31 horror movie reviews & four horror top tens that I posted in October. πŸ™‚


My Most Popular Post: My Top Ten Crazy Ladies In Movies. This was by far my most-viewed post. It was a hard list to do as there have been so many fantastic actresses playing the “crazy” thing brilliantly. Plus I did all genres, so this one wasn’t horror-only. Us crazy ladies cross all genres. πŸ˜‰

I was also very surprised that my list of My Top Ten Devil & Hell Songs, which I posted last year, was my second most popular post. Strange… Not sure where those views were coming from. The bowels of Hell, maybe?? Awesome.

My Favorite Post: Phenomena (1985) Blind Spot Review. I don’t have a lot of experience with Dario Argento’s films but I had fun reviewing this as one of my Blind Spot choices. It was seriously nuts & didn’t make much sense. I can relate to that…


My Most Popular Movie Review: Don’t Breathe. Ugh. How disappointing that this was my most-viewed review! I didn’t like this film very much & honestly don’t understand the decent reviews it’s had. But, as always, current releases get the most views which is why I try to at least review everything I manage to go to in the cinema. But I have a lot more fun reviewing unpopular old shit… πŸ˜‰

All Movies Reviewed (ranked favorite to least favorite):

Magic (Blind Spot Review)
Phenomena (Blind Spot Review)
Trick ‘r Treat
Eyes Without A Face (Blind Spot Review)
The Invitation
The Visit
Audrey Rose
A Good Marriage
John Carpenter’s Vampires
Fright Night (2011)
Don’t Breathe
Finders Keepers

Reblogs (Okay, I cheated a little by reblogging old horror reviews of mine at the weekends to make it up to 31 reviews. Again ranked favorite to least favorite):

The Descent
Dead Of Night
A Tale Of Two Sisters
The Boy
The Host
What We Do In The Shadows
The Innkeepers
Lights Out
Dog Soldiers

Cutest. Puppy. EVER.


Yep, I only actually watched two horror movies in October. All my reviews were for movies I’ve watched over the past year & saved up to review in October. Time management!

In Cinema:
Kubo And The Two Strings

At Home (ranked favorite to least favorite):
Trick ‘r Treat
Desperately Seeking Susan (re-watch)
Blended (You know what? I liked this Adam Sandler film. Deal with it!) πŸ˜‰
John Wick
John Carpenter’s Vampires


Top Ten Crazy Ladies In Movies
Top Ten Horror Movie Scores & Soundtracks
Top Ten Creepy Dolls In Movies & Television
Top Ten Horror Movies Of The 21st Century


My Top Search Term: “Michael Jackson Songs“. I posted the Thriller video for my Music Video Friday series to kick off my month of horror. Funny that this was the top search term (by far). Good to know his music lives on! This album is an all-time classic.

My Favorite Search Term: “Jennifer O Connelly horse ride gif“. Mainly because I like the added O. It’s just Jennifer Connelly, not Jennifer O’Connelly! I like that, though… How very Irish. By the way, here’s the link to that horse ride gif that pervs keep searching my blog for: Career Opportunities (1991) Review.

I also like “French blue movies” (that would be Blue Is The Warmest Color & Three Colors: Blue, I guess?) and “swimming pool scenes in movies” (because I liked doing that top ten list HERE).

Here are my top search terms for the month:


Book Reviewed: None – I focused on horror movie reviews instead.

Books I’ve Just Finished: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel & Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams

Book I’m Currently Reading: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami


Very little. I’m in serious need of a blog break & focusing on real-life stuff. But I’ll never give this hobby up completely. I love watching movies & chatting with you guys about them far too much to fully give this up! So I have no specific plans other than to post reviews of current films when I happen to go to them & do the occasional top ten or older movie review when I have the time & feel like it.

On November 12th & 13th, I’ve signed up to do one review for the At The Circus Blogathon hosted by Serendipitous Anachronisms & CrΓ¬tica RetrΓ΄. I love that theme & had to grab the opportunity to finally review the fantastic 1932 film Freaks. Am looking forward to re-watching and reviewing that and to reading all the other bloggers’ entries.

Upcoming Movies:

There are two November cinema releases I’m desperate to see: Arrival & Your Name. Due to lack of time, my excessive movie-watching days are now behind me but I will NOT miss these two. Both are total “me” films. Sci-fi and critically acclaimed Japanese anime?! Yes, please! πŸ™‚ Arrival is mainstream enough to not be a problem but I’m unlikely to find anywhere near me showing Your Name. I really need to live next door to an indie cinema…

Okay, I’m going to rank these like a loser! In order starting with what I want to see the most (aside from the first couple, I’ll probably wait for Netflix):

TIE: The Arrival & Your Name
Potential Netflix-watching:
The Wailing
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
Bad Santa 2
Gimme Danger
Maybe watch if I ever have time:
Nocturnal Animals
The Edge Of Seventeen
The Accountant
The Light Between Oceans

I always end recaps with a movie-related song so I have to go with Iron Maiden’s Flash Of The Blade as heard in Phenomena. MAIDEN!!! \m/

11 thoughts on “My Blog’s October 2016 Horror Month Recap

  1. You were very productive this month, now, I am completely ashamed of my paltry October ;). Loved that you gave Trick’R’Treat a thumbs up, I think that film is highly underrated-under-noticed.

    A HUGE Thank you for giving Le and I a shout out for #AtTheCircus, this was her brilliant scheme, and we are pretty excited and looking forward to your take on Freaks. (One of us, one of us… Oh, dear I am going to keep chanting that all day, aren’t I?)

    Ciao for now, dearie!

    • Well, I did prepare my October posts throughout the whole year. I’d never be able to post every day for an entire month otherwise! πŸ˜‰ Trick ‘r Treat was loads of fun. It really isn’t well known, which is a shame. Looking forward to re-watching Freaks one night this week! I’ve dug out my DVD. : )

  2. “I have a lot more fun reviewing unpopular old shit” — I often kinda feel this is what film blogging ‘should’ be about. I mean, the pros have all the new releases covered, so blogs are a great place to discover and discuss old favourites (or horrors). But yeah, the new stuff does tend to be more popular.

    Saving up horror reviews all year for October is such a good idea! I might try to remember to do that next year…

    Did you enjoy Dirk Gently? I love the books, but I think the trailer for the new BBC America series looks terrible.

    • Exactly!! I far prefer seeing obscure, older stuff being reviewed on blogs (on the rare occasion I get a chance to read any lately. I’m so behind!). 😦 I know all about the big new releases – I want to discover some old hidden gem instead. I’ve seen some great, obscure films I’d never heard of before thanks to bloggers. : ) Hell yeah – I’m always going to do the “saving up horrors for a year” thing now. I wrote/watched very little through October – I was actually on holiday for part of it. I did enjoy Dirk Gently! Hitchhiker’s is my favorite book ever yet I’d never read another Douglas Adams book. It’s certainly not as good as Hitchhiker’s but has the same great sense of humor. I’ll read more of his stuff. I knew it was made/being made(?) into a TV series but I’ve not seen the trailer or anything…

      • Dirk Gently has both been made and is being made! Which seems apt for him. BBC Four did a version a few years ago (starring Stephen Mangan) which I’d say was good but not great, and now BBC America are doing one (starring Elijah Wood, but not as Dirk), though I don’t think it has a UK broadcaster. I’ve not read any reviews but it seemed very annoying in the trailer.

      • I’m not sure that his stuff really translates that well to film. You really do need the right sort of actors, I suppose. Then again, I did love the super cheesy looking BBC version of Hitchhiker’s. But the Hollywood movie was awful! Doubt I’d bother watching the Dirk Gently thing…

      • I liked both the TV and film versions of Hitchhiker’s, but then I really wanted to like the movie and I don’t think I’ve actually watched it since it came out. It has some good people in it, though, so I’m sure it’s not a complete wash-out.

  3. Wow, a busy month, I am so behind, I need to catch up! I loved your ‘My Top Ten Crazy Ladies In Movies’ post, Heavenly Creatures is a fascinating film to watch. I loved Stacy in Wayne’s World, she’s so ditsy, bless her πŸ™‚

    • I’m so behind on the blogs – I need to catch up too. 😦 I did watch my October horror movies over an entire year, though, so it wasn’t hard to keep up since I had most the posts ready before the month started. πŸ™‚ I only actually watched two horror films in October itself. Thanks – I’m very happy to hear from a fan of Stacy in Wayne’s World! Lol! Great character. She’s nuts. I adore that movie. : )

  4. You were so busy! Well done! I feel sooo guilty – I rarely have time to blog lately, and although I miss it, I keep reminding myself that focussing on real life things are way more important πŸ™‚

    • I was! But, well – I totally spent time preparing the October posts over the past year. I watched some of the horrors last November! And had most of the posts fully ready before October even started. I feel super guilty too – I’ve not read any blogs in ages again now as work and life have gotten so busy. Taking it easy on the posts, now. Real life things are definitely more important. : )

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