Carrie Fisher

I can’t believe I’m having to do yet another tribute post in 2016 to one of my biggest idols. We all know that this year has been extremely cruel & unfair when it comes to the amount of hugely talented artists it has taken from us. And like many people, I’m not only sad – I’m angry.

I struggle with these tribute posts, especially when it comes to those artists who mean so much to me. I always feel a bit weird doing them as, obviously, it’s not the same as losing a family member or people you know in real life. It’s a terrible, hate-filled world full of so much tragic death on a daily basis that it feels almost wrong to mourn a “celebrity”. But it’s also understandable as, to their fans, these talented celebrities help provide a form of escapism from our real-life troubles and the evils of this world. They entertain us, they make us laugh, and they make us cry.

I don’t need to go into what a legend Carrie Fisher is and how she inspired so many of us by bringing Princess Leia to life (especially us girls, as we so rarely got such strong, sassy heroines in that male-dominated era & genre). A witty writer, a very funny lady, and forever one of the most-loved and iconic characters in the history of cinema. I’m so glad I was able to see Carrie in person at Star Wars Celebration Europe this year and to have shared that experience with my husband and 7-year-old daughter, who is part of a new generation of Star Wars fans through which Carrie Fisher’s Leia will forever live on. 

R.I.P. Carrie Frances Fisher (October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016)

19 thoughts on “Carrie Fisher

  1. Obviously Leia will be her biggest legacy (and what a legacy!), but she did so much outside of it as well, with things like her writing, and she was such good value on chat shows. A real loss.

  2. Wonderful post. I understand what you mean about the trickiness of celebrity tribute posts. Although we don’t know them personally, they and the characters they create do become a part of our lives. Princess Leia is such an iconic character and I love how strong and determined she is. I’m glad that character will live on for new generations of fans.

  3. How is it possible people we don’t know personally have such an effect when they pass away? It seems silly, and yet, I feel I lost a personal friend. She was so personable with a fantastic sense of humor.

    • That’s exactly how I feel, Cindy. Some people have said they don’t understand why people get sad over the loss of a “celebrity” but they have a strong influence and effect on people’s lives even though we don’t personally “know” them. And Fisher had such a great personality & I loved her sense of humor. She seemed like so much fun. Such a sad & upsetting loss.

  4. Every so often, the loss of a ‘public’ figure makes me cry. Like Carrie Fisher. I think that for those people for whom we feel a keen loss when they pass it is a testament to the impact they had on people far beyond the sphere of people they actually knew. Carrie Fisher was a princess who may have needed a rescue, but she didn’t just sit back and let others do all the work, she actually participates in her rescue and escape. This was a big deal back in the late 70’s. Around this time, I was in grade school and I wrote a fairy tale in class where the ‘hero’ saves the kingdom but the princess rescues herself. My teacher told me that the ‘hero’ is supposed to rescue the princess. Carrie Fisher showed those of us who grew up on Disney princess that a Princess kicks ass and works hard, and doesn’t depend on others to save the day but still knows sometimes people do need the assistance of others to get things done. When you listen to Carrie Fisher’s fun sense of snarkiness in interviews, and then watch Princess Leia’s snarky comments in the films, you realize that she really put a lot of herself into that character. Which is why the actress and the character will always be so intertwined.

    • Yeah, I’m still struggling with this “celebrity death”. : ( Leia is such an iconic character and, yes – she definitely had Fisher’s attitude. I wish I’d explored Fisher’s life a bit more beyond just the Princess Leia side – she was hilarious. I love a fantastic sense of humor. Her mother dying the next day was too damn much. Ugh…. Just too cruel. Oh – your teacher was wrong! Not that it matters but was that a male or female teacher? I’m so glad that fewer & fewer female characters are completely “helpless”nowadays. Leia (and Fisher) is one of the main ones to thank for that. : )

      • It was a female teacher. It is funny. I never thought Carrie Fisher, her mother, or her daughter, looked that much alike until all those photos of them together started popping up. That was a traumatic week.

  5. Lovely tribute! I’m not an avid Star Wars fan and hadn’t seen all of Carrie’s work, but it didn’t really hit me how much I loved her interviews, writing, and even counted on her fresh take-no-prisoners commentary about life and mental illness until news of her passing was released. It’s such a sad loss of honesty, humor, girl power, and passion.

    • Thank you. This is still so upsetting. I do wish I’d explored more of her work beyond just the Princess Leia thing. She was such an interesting person and had the most amazing sense of humor. Such a sad loss. I know I’ll be exploring her written work now. Still can’t believe she’s gone… We need more people with her attitude & her honesty.

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