My 2016 Blind Spot Movies: Ranked

Happy “Almost End Of 2016”, everyone! Let’s kick this year in the balls & move on. But first, I’m doing my End-Of-Year Lists for the rest of this week. List-making is the BEST & it’s totally sad how much I look forward to making these at the end of each year.

I’ll start today by ranking My Twelve 2016 Blind Spot Movies. As always, I’ll count down to my personal favorite. I have to say that I chose wisely last January, though – I enjoyed every single one of these so there are no “losers” on this list. I of course wanted to love them all but I can say that all of these are definitely worth your time if you’re interested in them.

Here we go! Counting down to my favorite, with the links to my full reviews included:

12. Eyes Without A Face

11. An Education

10. True Romance

9. Summer Wars

8. Phenomena

7. Magic

6. THX 1138

5. Running On Empty

4. Play Misty For Me

3. Battle Royale

2. Natural Born Killers

1. Akira

**I switched my Top Three around SO many times! I’m still not sure of the order of those but the Top Three are easily my favorites on this list & ahead of the others by a long way. See you tomorrow for My Top Ten Books Read In 2016. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “My 2016 Blind Spot Movies: Ranked

  1. You know what they say “If in doubt, go with Battle Royale”! πŸ˜› Seriously some cool titles in there and nice to see some world cinema love too. πŸ™‚

    • Ha! Battle Royale did keep switching from 2nd to 3rd place. ; ) But Akira is a firm number one now, I think. I’d love to watch it again. It’s one that really sticks with you. : )

    • Cool! I had to put it on my Blind Spot list as I couldn’t believe I’d never seen it. I was hoping to love it a bit more than I did but it’s a fun film and I loved Arquette & Slater. : )

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  5. I really need to re-watch Battle Royale and NBK. They were both on the long list for my 100 favourites but got left out because I haven’t seen them for over 10 years and so my opinion is kinda foggy.

    • Yeah, I have soooo many movies I know I liked but don’t remember now so should re-watch. Because I’m so damn old! 😁 Some don’t stand the test of time but I’d say those two do (NBK just maybe a little less relevant now).

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