My Top Ten Movies Watched At Home In 2016

Today I have my penultimate End-Of-Year List: My Top Ten Movies Watched At Home In 2016. I started by ranking My Twelve 2016 Blind Spot Movies then did a list of My Top Ten Books Read In 2016.

I’ll finish these last two days with movie lists. Tomorrow I’ll post My Top Ten Movies Of 2016 (movies I saw that were released this year in the UK). That list is always the most popular as the majority of people like reading about very current films. However, I always enjoy making this “Movies Watched At Home” list slightly more. It’s more varied and quite often contains better films overall as they’re from a variety of years plus I try to (force myself to) watch some classics each year. However, I have to say that this year has been a good year for new films & a lot of the 2016 films would make an amalgamated Top Ten List of absolutely every movie I watched this year. I love the word “amalgamated”…

But it’s easier to do two separate lists! So here are My Top Ten Movies Watched In 2016 (but not released in 2016). And, as I saw so many good ones this year, I’ll count down from 20. And, if that’s not enough for you, I’ve ranked & rated ALL 79 of them HERE. Ha! I’m sad. 😉

(Oh, I should also add that these are FIRST TIME watches only. I don’t count re-watches so things like the fantastic Freaks, which I re-watched & reviewed for the recent At The Circus Blogathon, aren’t included)

Honorable Mentions:

20. Magic
19. THX 1138
18. Turbo Kid
17. Running On Empty
16. Stories We Tell
15. Trick ‘r Treat
14. The Cat Returns
13. The Wind Rises
12. For A Few Dollars More
11. Play Misty For Me

Top Ten:

10. Wizards

9. Circle

8. Ikiru

7. Battle Royale

6. Natural Born Killers

5. Predestination

4. Space Station 76

3. Akira

2. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

1. In Your Eyes

**Yep – I have quite a few classics here but my number one is a modern romance movie written by Joss Whedon. As you can tell from the rest, I’m not exactly a “girly” girl but I did love In Your Eyes. A romantic movie that worked & didn’t make me want to puke! And I was totally in love with the guy. How adorable is he in that picture? His character was such a sweetheart.

Also, I’m glad I managed to review most of my favorites this year (links above). I’m planning to do themed weeks (or months) in 2017 with those I’ve not yet reviewed. I’ll have a Studio Ghibli Week, an Akira Kurosawa Week, and possibly a month of animated films when I’ll review things like Wizards. Am looking forward to focusing on more non-Disney, non-Pixar animations in 2017.

See you tomorrow for my final post of 2016: My Top Ten Movies Released In 2016 (That I’ve managed to see, obviously. I can’t watch everything!). 🙂

20 thoughts on “My Top Ten Movies Watched At Home In 2016

  1. I just finished up my top 10 of 2016, but I really like your idea – movies watched at home. Ikiru is actually on my Blind Spot list for next year. Can’t wait. Also, it looks like Clint had a big impact on your movie year.

    • Oh, I hope you like Ikiru! Do you like Kurosawa? I loved the few I’ve seen so far. And, yes – I really did enjoy all the Clint Eastwood stuff! Even The Dead Pool ended up fairly high on my overall list. Didn’t really expect to like his movies that much… : )

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  3. Harsh on Battle Royale! I was so disappointed with the last third of The Cat Returns. Hope you had a super wonderful Christmas and have a great year ahead. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Lol. I gave Battle Royale 8/10, ranked it 7th out of 79 films, and enjoyed it so much I read the extremely thick book immediately afterwards. Don’t think I was TOO harsh… ; ) I’d like to watch The Cat Returns again. Definitely not my favorite Ghibli but I think it would grow on me. I enjoyed it a lot more than Whisper Of The Heart, which I watched first as the cat makes an appearance in that first. Hope you had a great Christmas as well! I’m sooo behind on the blog thing. Happy 2017! : )

      • I had to write a few tributes, the end of year quiz and The Night Circus quote. Still not had time to put my photos up. I’m very protective of Battle Royale ha.

  4. Just did my own year-end list, though it’s of all the best films I saw in the last year, since I feel like I don’t watch enough movies in the theater to offer a definitive 2016 list. Some cool choices here (funny that both Akira and Ikiru sound so similar), and I especially want to see Circle and In Your Eyes. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year! I’ll have to check out your list – I like the sound of a “not only 2016” one. : ) I highly recommend both Circle & In Your Eyes (think you’ll love In Your Eyes based on liking Your Name). Funny that Ikiru was made by an Akira. ; )

  5. Oh, I loved so many of these films! Well, I say that, but Battle Royale and Natural Born Killers I haven’t watched for about 12+ years; but I loved them back then.

    Anyway, In Your Eyes is massively underrated I think, probably because of how they released it. And Predestination is looking good for my own 2016 top ten.

    • Yay! We have excellent taste. 🙂 Yeah – I hadn’t seen either Battle Royale or Natural Born Killers so knew I had to put them on my Blind Spot list. It sucks how In Your Eyes is so unknown… Such shitty movies get full releases in cinema! But they don’t release stuff like that. Still love Predestination. : ) Have you done your list(s)? I have loads of catching up to do.

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