My Top Ten Movies Of 2016

Here’s my last post of this unbelievably insane & cruel year. Goodbye & good riddance, 2016! You’ve robbed us of far too many kind & talented people and left us under the care of far too many people full of pure evil & hate. I’d like to think that mankind deserves better than this. But do we?

Well, let’s lighten the mood slightly as I started this movie blog for one reason only: to discuss movies. Because I love them. In this fucked up world, we can turn to them and find a beauty that so often seems to be lacking in the “real world” (especially in 2016). I find it interesting that, as the world is getting worse & worse these past several years, we’ve also had some truly beautiful films that have displayed human kindness in a way that is so hard to capture onscreen without becoming overly sappy & sentimental. So, there must be some good people left? To be able to create art as powerful as in things such as the top two films on my list, there must be some good left in the world. Right?? All I know right now is that I wish Arrival was a true story. We need some aliens to visit us & give humanity a much needed kick up the ass!

A quick note that, as always, I go by the UK release dates for these end-of-year lists. Too damn confusing otherwise! I’m aware that my number 1 is a 2015 film in the U.S. (Which will still be pointed out by those who don’t read these intros). 😉

Here we go! My Top Ten Movies Released In The UK In 2016 (that I’ve managed to see – you can see my entire, ranked list of all 38 HERE). Counting down to my favorite & with links to my full reviews, these are ranked on my own personal taste as opposed to “worthiness”. But in my opinion, the top two are damn near masterpieces in a league of their own.

Honorable Mentions:

15. Kubo And The Two Strings
14. Everybody Wants Some!!
13. Captain America: Civil War
12. Deadpool
11. Midnight Special

Top Ten:

10. Moana

9. The Edge Of Seventeen

8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

7. Nocturnal Animals

6. The Purge: Election Year

5. The Girl With All The Gifts

4. Your Name

3. Sing Street

2. Arrival

1. Room

My Other End-Of-Year Lists:

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My Top Ten Movies Watched At Home In 2016 (not released in 2016)

I’m now taking a much needed break from posting anything for a while & instead catching up on reading other blogs and all of your end-of-year lists. So, for now, I wish you all a Happy New Year! See you sometime in 2017. 🙂

41 thoughts on “My Top Ten Movies Of 2016

    • Ha! I know! We get all those “Oscar-worthy” US December releases in January & February. So annoying. : ) And I’m so glad that several people have mentioned Sing Street. Clearly going to be a cult favorite! Such a fun film. : )

  1. Interesting list here, and I totally agree with Arrival being so high up on the list. Can’t say the same about Room…I was pretty disappointed with that flick. I’m presuming you haven’t seen Moonlight yet, but keep that on your radar. That may be my #1 for the year. There’s at least 10 indies I haven’t seen yet, so my top 10 won’t be posted for another couple weeks.

    • That’s interesting – I found Room & Arrival both very moving in very much the same sort of “life-affirming” way. They were soooo close but I put Room first as I found it slightly more moving overall (Tremblay was so fantastic). No, Moonlight isn’t out here yet. I also want to see La La Land, which comes out Thursday. So annoying that we get the US “Oscar-worthy” stuff in January/February/March. I still have plenty to see! They’ll just end up on my 2017 list. : ) I look forward to your list!

  2. I’ve only seen 5 of these, shame on me! Room‘s been on Amazon Prime for ages too, I just haven’t got round to it — double shame!

    I’m currently compiling my “50 films I missed in 2016” list, so there’s definitely some inspiration here.

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  4. Great No1. I keep coming back to 10 Cloverfield Lane for my Film of the Year. That or Green Room. But then again The Shallows… I don’t know! I will just agree with you.

    • Thanks, Luke! And Happy New Year! : ) I haven’t seen Green Room yet (but I love Patrick Stewart). The Shallows was fun – somewhere in the middle of my list. Didn’t love 10 Cloverfield Lane, though. Wanted to love it but was disappointed…

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  6. Room was my favourite film of 2015! Glad it still makes your list when up against the best of 2016. :)) So touching and life affirming 🙂 This is a very strong and diverse list. But man do I hate the purge haha 😛 I’ll be doing my list come Feb,I figured since oscar-nom movies come out late for us,I’d still include them even if its in 2017 for me. This list reminds me to watch Sing Street!!

    • Yay!!! Room is AMAZING. : ) And Sing Street is such a great, feel-good film. Hehe – The Purge movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. I hate that none of them live up to their potential as the overall concept is fantastic. Great idea but not as well-executed as I kept hoping for each time another one came out…

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