My Top Ten Robert Duvall Movies

Happy Birthday to Robert Duvall, who turns 86 today!

Robert Duvall has been in a lot of big films but he seems to be an actor who is often overlooked. To be fair, when I decided to do this Top Ten after watching THX 1138, I couldn’t have instantly named all the movies he’s been in & was like “Oh yeah – he was in that one too!” when looking him up at IMDB & seeing his full list of films. I think some of the films in this list are overlooked as well (I actually really like Falling Down, Colors & Deep Impact, which is why I have them fairly high & will probably be moaned at for having them above a couple of classics). 😉

As always, I’ve ranked these according to how much I personally like these movies (Not according to Duvall’s individual performances in each. But he’s good in them all!). Here are My Top Ten Robert Duvall Movies:

10. Network

9. Apocalypse Now

8. Crazy Heart

7. Deep Impact

6. Colors

5. Falling Down

4. To Kill A Mockingbird

3. THX 1138

2. The Godfather: Part II

1. The Godfather

The Rest That I’ve Seen:
Days Of Thunder
Four Christmases
Gone In 60 Seconds

Saw These But No Longer Remember Them (sorry!):
The Natural
The Paper

I Like These But His Role Was Uncredited (so I didn’t count them):
The Conversation
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

A Few Big Ones I’ve Not Seen:
True Grit
The Apostle
The Road

23 thoughts on “My Top Ten Robert Duvall Movies

    • Thanks, Cindy! And Happy New Year. : ) I didn’t really know he’d been in so many Westerns until I looked him up. Definitely not a genre I’ve explored at all besides some of the Spaghetti Westerns…

  1. Good list (gotta love To Kill a Mockingbird), even though my favorite are nowhere to be found. I love True Grit and Secondhand Lions, and his performances in The Judge and Get Low were Oscar-worthy. He’s really an underrated actor.

    • Tom!!!! Hi! Happy New Year!!!! : ) Did I sound too overexcited there?? I need to get out more. ; ) I really should watch more of Duvall’s films – I’ve not seen a lot of his biggest roles.

      • I think that’s the appropriate amount of excitement. Right now I’m trying not to type in all capital letters because as of now i’m listening to this

        and it’s basically impossible not to go crazy. THIS IS THE RHYTHM OF MY LIFE!!!!!

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