My 2017 Blog Resolutions 

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’re all having a good 2017 so far. (Okay – it’s the 10th of January. I’m done saying “Happy New Year”). 😉

Like most people, I’ve made my own personal resolutions for 2017. I won’t share those here but they’re my main priority. However, I don’t want to abandon my “online movie diary” completely so I’ve decided on some things I’ll focus on this year in order to keep this blog going. Here are my 2017 Blog Resolutions:

Keep It Short

I ramble on too much (probably because I’m not a writer & I suck with words!). This has kept me from reviewing a lot of the (79!) movies I watched at home last year. This year, I’ll keep any reviews of non-current, meh movies very brief.

One Or Two Posts A Week

Simple: I’ll do a minimum of one or two posts a week. Some weeks there will be more but I won’t stress if I only manage one. I’ll mainly post Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays.

Blind Spot Movie Reviews

The one blog commitment I didn’t come to regret in 2016 was watching & reviewing the 12 Blind Spot Movies that I chose last January. This is one of my main blog resolutions that I plan to stick to again this year. I’ll be posting my 2017 Blind Spot Choices tomorrow.

Reviews Of New Releases

I’ll again do my best to at least review all the current movie releases that I go to see this year. I’m always pretty good about keeping on top of this so it’s my other main commitment along with doing Blind Spot reviews.

IMDB Top 250 Project

This has been almost entirely on hold for the past couple of years. I no longer want any guest reviews as some became too much of a headache. But I do, from the bottom of my heart, thank those of you who fulfilled your guest review commitments at least once. Sincerely. *Hugssssss!* I got a lot of excellent classics reviewed on my blog thanks to you guys (and it gave me the opportunity to be very lazy for over a year with a guaranteed weekly post I didn’t have to write). 😉 I’m now going to go back to doing this on my own but I’m in no rush. By now, I’ve watched the majority of the Top 250 films that I actually WANT to watch. So I’ll make my goal, hmm… To watch & review four IMDB Top 250 Movies this year. Think I can manage that!

Top Ten Lists

I’ll still do these but not on a regular basis. When I do, I’ll probably continue to post them on a Thursday.

Books & Reviews

I tend to read about one book per month & I kept on top of reviewing them all in 2016. I’ll continue to try to do this but I’ll make my book reviews very brief as well. 

Themed Weeks/Months

I enjoy doing themed weeks and/or months on my blog but I won’t commit to definitely doing any this year. If I’m in the mood & if I have the time, these are the ones I keep toying with:

Studio Ghibli Week: I already devoted all of January 2015 to Studio Ghibli but have since been working my way through the non-Miyazaki films as well. I’ve watched five already so I’ll review them all one week. Probably. I already started 2017 by watching Arrietty. 🙂

Akira Kurosawa Week: I keep putting this off as I don’t know how to go about reviewing these fantastic films (I’ve only watched three so far). But I’ve just bought myself a lovely blu-ray set of five of his samurai films (it was cheap!) so, maybe one week by the year 2021, I’ll actually review all the Kurosawa films that I’ve watched.

John Carpenter Week: Another thing I’ve been putting off for two years! I have, however, watched plenty of his movies in preparation. One of these weeks…. BAM! I’ll suddenly review them all. Maybe. We’ll see.

New York City Week: I’ve watched so many movies based in NYC in the past year & have saved them up to devote a week to reviewing them. 

Rocky Week: To kill two birds with one stone, I’m putting the IMDB Top 250 film Rocky on my Blind Spot list. But, as the hubby keeps telling me how good Creed was, I figure I better watch all the Rocky movies first, right?? Ugh. Are there seven? Well, I’ll try! I do have them all available so I might as well. Considering how much I ended up enjoying Clint Eastwood Week last year, I’m bizarrely looking forward to watching all the Rocky “guy” movies. I’m a weird chick…

Non-Disney, Non-Pixar, Non-Ghibli Animation Month: One thing I really want to focus on is watching more animated films that aren’t necessarily “kids’ films” (although some will be). I’m talking about things such as Ralph Bakshi movies & non-Ghibli Japanese anime. There are also some movies that I’ve been meaning to watch for years, such as Watership Down. I have quite a long list, however, so it’s likely that I’ll watch what I can this year but not review anything until 2018. Hmm… 2018 resolution?! I’ve not even had a chance to break all my 2017 ones yet!

Well. That’s it. So much for my “Keep It Short” resolution!!! There – I’ve broken one already… See you tomorrow with my Blind Spot Choices. 🙂

34 thoughts on “My 2017 Blog Resolutions 

  1. no comment abt the guest reviews for IMDB 250 😉

    I think ur a great writer and always enjoy what you write, so you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have for us this year with these resolutions.

    Keep up the excellent work Mutant!

  2. Love these resolutions and I think it’s such a good idea to set some blogging intentions for 2017! I’m personally trying to keep things a bit short as well! So easy to just ramble on, particularly when ranting about terrible films… but that aside, it sounds like 2017 is going to be a great year for Cinema Parrot Disco! Happy 2017! 😀

    • Thanks, Anna! Happy 2017 to you too! : ) Lol – I do especially ramble on when I really HATE a movie. It’s just so fun to have a rant sometimes. ; ) Think those reviews always end up longer than my positive ones…

  3. Ha ha! One resolution broken? That’s funny. Keep up the great writing. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. 😀 Looks like you have a lot of cool ideas for 2017. I look forward to following them.

  4. As the famous quote by Mark Twain (or whoever) goes, “I didn’t have time to write a short review on my blog, so I wrote a long one instead.” 😉 I have done this many a time also!

    Looking forward to your theme weeks, they all sound awesome. I also need to watch all of the Rockys so I can see Creed (gotta do these things in the right order!) I suspect all those darn sequels won’t be worth the time, but hey-ho.

    How many of the Top 250 have you seen, by the way? I have something like 76 left, which at the rate I’ve been watching them lately means it’ll take me at least another 6 years to finish.

    • I can’t help but ramble on… Especially when I’m bitching about a bad movie! Have you not seen Rocky either?? I expect to like that one just fine but am sure the sequels are quite baaaaad. Let’s see… I started the Top 250 thing on 01/01/13. At that point I’d already seen 150 of the 250 so my goal was to watch the remaining 100. I’ve watched 44. So I have 56 left if I did the math right. I hate math! But then I had to go & mess that up on 01/01/16 when I decided to add all the “new entries” to the Top 250, which I think gave me another 14 or so “unseen” ones. I’ll clearly never finish if I keep adding in the new entries! ; ) That damn list actually changes A LOT. (Was that TMI??) 😁

      • Haha, no, I’m at least as thorough when managing lists!

        I always look at the most up-to-date version of the Top 250, so in 2016 I watched 19 movies off it but my total left to see only went down by 7! Bit frustrating. I guess it can never be completed thanks to that, but hey-ho.

    • I hope so – I usually break pretty much all of mine. ; ) Thank you! I’m looking forward to the movies I’ve chosen to watch. Just hope I can find the time to actually watch them now! 🙂

    • Thanks! I think it’s, um, too ambitious. Lol. I’m meant to be cutting back. : ) That’ll be great if you can find a way to keep things regular. I know I did that really well for quite a while Monday through Friday by having shorter posts & by having specific days for things (like I used to post a music video every Friday).

  5. I notice you didn’t include posting replies to comments more frequently as part of your resolutions… *

    * waits until March for response 😉 😛

    • Bwahaha! I made sure to not put that as I didn’t want to make any promises I couldn’t keep. But it’s a secret resolution at the back of my mind. As you can see, this reply only took one day!!! Lol! (Don’t get too used to that) 😜 ; ) Btw – Ninja Scroll is the next Syfy Saturday movie. : )

      • Oh yes – one of the “big three” alongside Akira and Ghost In The Shell, and probably the darkest and more “controversial” of the three too. 😮

      • Not quite. It’s darker in a different sense because of the samurai setting and the treatment of the female characters, which you might find a little off putting.

        Akira is definitely in a league of its own – until you get to Satoshi Kon’s films! 😛

      • Ah, hmm… We’ll see, then! I do hate shitty treatment of female characters. Satoshi what? Lol. Slow down! I’ll be lucky to manage watching just a few anime films this year. ; )

      • Satoshi Kon directed Paprika, Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers. He sadly died a few years ago aged just 46. His films are very mind bending stuff.

      • Aw, that sucks. That’s so young! 😦 Well, Paprika & Tokyo Godfathers were the two I liked the sound of the most on your list of recommendations. So I WILL get to those! Eventually… : )

    • Aw – don’t be silly! You’re KIND of busy with far more important things. Lol. I didn’t even give it a thought or realize. I just had some weird people sign up who I never heard from again plus one person who sent me several “reviews” that were just straight copies from Wikipedia. So damn weird! Glad I realized before posting those… ; )

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