My 2017 Blind Spot Choices

Last year I really enjoyed joining in on the Blind Spot series so many bloggers choose to do each year. You can see my final ranked list & review links to my 12 Blind Spot Movies Of 2016 HERE. I won’t be doing quite as much on this blog this year but I do like the thought of at least selecting another 12 films that I’ve been wanting to watch & finally making myself get around to watching them. So here are my choices for 2017:

Wolf Children

Jackie Brown

The Hustler

Watership Down

The Raid


Fritz The Cat

The Last Temptation Of Christ

The King And I

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


House (Hausu)

Some Alternates (depending upon availability of the above & free time):

El Topo
The City Of Lost Children
Tetsuo (1989)
Solaris (1972)
Altered States
Ghost In The Shell
The Untouchables
The Right Stuff
Once Upon A Time In America

47 thoughts on “My 2017 Blind Spot Choices

    • Cool! I hope we do too. : ) Been meaning to watch it for years as it’s the only Tarantino one I hadn’t seen (still need to watch The Hateful Eight now too). I’ve kept putting Zodiac off (mostly because of length but also because it’s not a genre I love). But SO many people have said it’s a fantastic film. : )

    • Which one is that? Because I don’t have any Ghibli films on this list. ; ) I do those separately. They’re special! lol. Thanks! I’m hoping to manage to watch all 12. I’ve managed to watch one on the list already… : )

    • Thanks, Cindy! I’ve actually chosen that for my January pick & I watched it over the weekend. LOVED Newman (sooo handsome – I really need to watch more of his old films). Piper Laurie was a great surprise, though! Had only ever seen her in Carrie! Wow. Guess I better get my review together soon… : )

  1. Ooh I’ve seen 2 of your picks! Zodiac is great, it still plays on my mind every now and again. I saw Rocky for the first time last year and LOVED it. I really wasn’t expecting to, either. I want to see The Raid!

    • So many people have said Zodiac is great (I had it as an alternate choice last year & everyone kept telling me to watch it). Guess I better finally do it! : ) I actually expect to really like Rocky, even though it’s a “guy” movie. I won’t be going in totally blind on that one – I know enough about it & have seen bits of it so I know I’ll probably like it just fine. : )

  2. I’ve seen Jackie Brown, Wolf Children, The Raid and Last Temptation of Christ from your list. Really enjoyed the first three, Last Temptation was ok. Zodiac and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time are on my watch list for this year (not necessarily in my blind spot).

    • I’m really looking forward to Wolf Children the most of what you’ve seen. : ) Zodiac was an alternate choice on my list last year and SO many people kept insisting that I should watch it. So… I guess it must be good? Guess we’ll both find out this year. : )

  3. I have seen three on this list. The Hustler is excellent as is Rocky and the King and I (for the latter, I am a sucker for old Hollywood musicals). I HAVE to see House this year – I have friends who absolutely rave about it!!

  4. Glad to see you’ll finally get to watch Wolf Children and Girl Who Leapt through Time. They’re from the same director as Summer Wars, but I like the other two more, especially Wolf Children. Can’t believe you haven’t seen The King and I or Rocky! You haven’t seen any of the Rocky movies? You may not be expecting much, but I really like the first four, with the original not necessarily being the best. Watership Down is quite good too, but I’ve not seen the others. I am curious to check out The Raid as well.

    • I can’t wait to watch Wolf Children. : ) I’ve seen bits & pieces of Rocky on TV over the years & know the ending but, nope – I’ve never seen it properly. I’m weirdly looking forward to watching them all! 😉

  5. Zodiac is hands down my favourite Fincher film. That movie is excellent! Jackie Brown is also plenty fun, and a seriously underrated Tarantino. Hope you enjoy!

    • Hey, Zoë! Happy 2017! : ) I meant to get to Zodiac in 2016 so I’ll really try to manage it this time. Just waiting for a time hubby & I are together long enough since he’s not seen it either. But it’s the main one people keep telling me to watch! I need Jackie Brown (and now Hateful Eight) off the list so that I can finally say I’ve watched all of Tarantino’s films.

      • Happy 2017! I must say, wasn’t a fan of The Hateful Eight. It was alright, but… I don’t know. Jackie Brown is well worth it. Looking forward to the reviews.

  6. Jackie Brown‘s on my list this year! We’re list buddies! (or something)

    And yay for Zodiac! I know I was one of the people who told you to watch it, so I hope you like it.

    I’ve also not seen Wolf Children or Girl Who Leapt Through Time, but they’re both on TV very soon and I have them on Blu-ray, so I might also try to watch them (and get reviews up).

    • Yay! Are you doing a Blind Spot type thing? Or just the “100 movies” thing? Which I always thought sounded like A LOT until I realised that I watch about that many in a year too. ; ) Is Jackie Brown the only Tarantino you’ve not seen? For me it’s that & The Hateful Eight. Yeah, I better watch Zodiac finally or people will start yelling at me. : )

      • Jackie Brown is the only one I’ve not seen that he directed, but I also need to get round to True Romance, and I guess Four Rooms, which he did part of it. Think that’s all… unless I’m forgetting something!

  7. The Raid and Zodiac are so good. I really should watch Rocky and also Watership Down since it’s one of my favourite books and I actually own the DVD, which someone bought for me years ago knowing it was my favourite.

    • That’s interesting – I just watched Watership Down knowing NOTHING of the story whatsoever. Wow. That’s some deep shit. I’m not even entirely sure what it was meant to mean but pretty sure it was an allegory. Or… Something. Lol. Maybe I should read the book! Strikes me as one that would be a good read & hard to translate to film.

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