My Top Ten Foo Fighters Songs 

Happy (early) birthday to Dave Grohl, who’s turning 48 on Saturday. Who doesn’t love Dave Grohl? If you hate Dave Grohl, we can’t be friends. I’m allowed to marry Dave Grohl, if he’ll have me. My hubby agreed to that once. What do you say, Dave??? 😉

I’ve always had a thing for talented music dudes & Grohl is one of the best. He’s consistently made brilliant music with various bands but it’s his Foo Fighters stuff that I like the most. I’ve lost touch with music in the past several years where life has gotten too busy plus I suppose I spend any free time I do get on this blog & on movies instead of music. So I admittedly only know the singles from recent albums. It was fun putting this list together, though, as I hadn’t listened to a lot of these songs in a long time. I need to get back to listening to music more often – I don’t do it enough these days. I envy people who to get to listen to music all day while they work.

It wasn’t easy to decide on the order for this list but the top two are definite and I can’t see that ever changing – I adore those songs. As for the rest, they’re all so good that I couldn’t leave them out so I’ll count down from 20. They’ve never had a bad song, which can’t be said of many bands. Here are My Top Ten Foo Fighters Songs:

Honorable Mentions:

20. Walk
19. Walking After You
18. Stacked Actors
17. Next Year
16. I’ll Stick Around
15. The One
14. Best Of You
13. This Is A Call
12. These Days
11. Rope


10. TIE: Arlandria & Breakout

9. The Pretender

8. Big Me

7. Times Like These

6. My Hero

5. Learn To Fly

4. All My Life

3. Something From Nothing

2. Everlong

1. Monkey Wrench

23 thoughts on “My Top Ten Foo Fighters Songs 

  1. Great Post!
    Ol school chum played drums in tribute band: Foe Fighters
    Told him how I listened to Grohl an th lads while backpacking thro Se Asia aeons ago so he invited me along to 1 of their gigs – fantastic stuff!
    It’s times like these u learn to live again 🙂

  2. Solid list, T9! I also love the Foo Fighters and am madly infatuatied with Dave Grohl. He’s hot, he’s talented, he’s funny, and nice. What more could a girl ask for? My #1 would be the acoustice version of Everlong. Perfection!

    • Smash!!! Hi! How have you been? Hope you’re having a good 2017 so far! : ) Dave Grohl is the best. Hmm… I’ll have to go listen to the acoustic version of Everlong. Such a fantastic song! I kept flipping that & my number one around. Nice to hear from you! I’m missing my old “blog buddies”. Most have disappeared (but hopefully that just means things are going well for them). : )

      • 2017 is alright so far, no complaints. Hope yours is shaping up nicely too! I miss everyone too, so much. But it’s weird, once you stop blogging regularly, it’s very difficult to get back into. And there’s this sort of weird thing where it’s like do you say goodbye to people? What’s the convention? I’m still here, in Canada, doing Smash sorts of things. My work just really changed. I used to have a blow-off job where I could read and comment and interact with you guys half the day, then do some work lol. But I can’t now, I’m too busy and it’s just not possible. And it sucks. But good to know most people are probably just in the same boat, lifestyle shifts happen. I think of everyone fondly still. And once in a while I will pop back up again. Glad to see that you’re still very productive though! Great stamina!

      • It’s cool, though – to know that the people on the blogs are still around but just getting on with life. Sounds like things are going well, Smash! 🙂 It’s super hard to get the online/offline balance right. I’m happy with how I have it now – I’ve cut WAY back on the blog and it’s all done in between other stuff. I’ve lost some people here through my lack of having time to visit their blogs lately but that’s just silly. I’m always happy to hear from people again. : )

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  4. I love Foo Fighters. One of my favorite bands. I’m a little critical of the newest album but that usually happens and then I revisit it a few years later and I change my mind. I just wish he’d write personal stuff again. I love his lyrics when they’re about something. Good List. Things that I absolutely love that are not on it: Generator, For All The Cows, Stranger Things Have Happened

    • It’s weird but I still really hate not having a proper album anymore (as in, a CD). It means that I rarely listen to a full album properly these days. Is Sonic Highways their most recent one? I love Something From Nothing but have otherwise not really explored the album. Which I THINK I own… Hard to remember when it’s just a picture on a screen. I sound old. Foo Fighters are one of those bands who have consistently put out so many singles that I fully admit to having to refresh my memory on half of them for this list. I’ll have definitely missed some I like. And I’m now going to refresh my memory on your three (pretty damn sure I know the first two for sure). : )

  5. Some of these are great, can’t fault Monkey Wrench. But I can’t stand the newer stuff like Times Like These. I’d have Stacked Actors in my list and also MIA which is on the same album and might be my favourite song of theirs.

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