My Top Ten John Hurt Movies

Happy Birthday (soon!) to John Hurt, who will be 77 on Sunday, January 22nd.

Wow – I didn’t realize just how much Hurt has starred in until I looked him up for this list. So this will be yet another Top Ten where at the end I’ll have to list some of his biggest films that I’ve not yet seen. But I won’t list everything since he’s been in 207 things!!! So here we go… Here are My Top Ten John Hurt Movies (as opposed to performances) counting down to my favorite (which is one of the greatest movies EVER):

Honorable Mentions:

16. Only Lovers Left Alive
15. Hellboy
14. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (Nuke the fridge!)
13. Thumbelina
12. The Skeleton Key (I actually quite liked this stupid movie)
11. Dogville

10. The Black Cauldron

9. The Harry Potter Movies

8. I, Claudius

7. 1984

6. Contact

5. Melancholia

4. V For Vendetta

3. TIE: Spaceballs & Watership Down

2. The Elephant Man

1. Alien

I Saw These But Don’t Really Remember Them:

– King Ralph
– Lost Souls

Some I’ve Still Not Seen:

– The Lord Of The Rings (animated) (This is on my list to watch soon)
– Midnight Express (I’ve been meaning to watch this for years… Maybe it can be a 2018 Blind Spot!)
– Rob Roy
– Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
– Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer
– The Oxford Murders
– Brighton Rock
– Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
– Sightseers
– Snowpiercer (This never did get a proper release in the UK. Still want to see)
– Jackie

**Post updated 26th of February 2017 to include Watership Down…

**Updated again 18th of June 2017 to include Dogville & Only Lovers Left Alive.

34 thoughts on “My Top Ten John Hurt Movies

  1. I came into your post thinking “I’m not sure I’ve even seen 10 John Hurt movies!” but it seems I have. I also had no idea he was in Black Cauldron! I used to ADORE that film as a kid; I’d watch it none stop. Yet, none of my friends have ever heard of it!

    • Oh man – I fell behind on replying & can’t believe John Hurt has now died 😦 That’s interesting – it’s a Disney film so you’d think most will have at least heard of The Black Cauldron. Does seem less well known than others, though…

    • I can’t believe that, finally replying to these comments, John Hurt has now died : ( I SO need to watch the movies you’ve mentioned. Been wanting to see Midnight Express for a long time. R.I.P. John Hurt 😦

    • Oh man…. I cannot believe I’m now replying to the comments on this post after Hurt has died. Another great celebrity gone. And I have such a huge list of his work that I still need to see. : (

      • I know 😦 I was on Twitter after the news broke last night, people were listing the stuff he’ll be remembered for, and there’s so much. An awful lot of it I’ve not seen either.

        Apparently he’d also made at least 5 movies that haven’t even been released yet. Talk about working ’til the end!

    • Oh man… I can’t believe I’m only just catching up on replying to comments today & now have to reply to my John Hurt birthday post with an R.I.P. John Hurt. : ( I should watch Only Lovers Left Alive now in his honor – keep meaning to as it looks like my type of thing. Plus all his other greats I have yet to see! 😦

  2. John Hurt is a class act. I mean, that voice is so recognisable and awesome. The Black Cauldron, also known as the film that gave me nightmares as a child.

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