My Top Ten Bill Paxton Movies

I was sad to hear of the death of Bill Paxton over the weekend. He has such an impressive movie resume! It’s funny how, even though he was only in very small roles at first, he still managed to be in so many beloved, kick-ass classics. Especially numbers one & two on my list… AWESOME films! It’s great that he ended up in bigger roles in things such as Twister & Apollo 13 but I’ll always first think of him as the lovably annoying Hudson in Aliens and as the hilarious asshole brother Chet in Weird Science.

I honestly thought I’d already done a Bill Paxton Top Ten list in the past as he’s been in several of my favorite movies but it looks like I never did. As always, I’ve ranked these in order from my least favorite to favorite movie as opposed to character role. So, in his memory, here are My Top Ten Bill Paxton Movies (counting down from 16 to include everything I’ve seen):

16. True Lies
15. Mighty Joe Young
14. Nightcrawler
13. Frailty
12. The Last Supper (but need to re-watch & refresh my memory, really)
11. Near Dark (also need to re-watch)


10. Commando

9. Twister

8. Streets Of Fire

7. Apollo 13

6. Predator 2

5. Titanic

4. Edge Of Tomorrow

3. Weird Science

2. The Terminator

1. Aliens

Seen But Don’t Remember:
Indian Summer

Never Saw:
Navy Seals (Can you believe that, with my Michael Biehn crush??)
Brain Dead (I like the sound of this one…)
Boxing Helena
The Evening Star
A Simple Plan
2 Guns

Finally, I think most people my age know that Bill Paxton directed & starred in the bizarre Barnes And Barnes “short film” video for the song Fish Heads.

In looking up his film credits, I noticed he was also in two other music videos. Love the Pat Benatar video for Shadows Of The Night! I’d forgotten about that video. I miss the “story” videos of the Eighties. Anyway – watch out for Paxton in a small role as a WWII baddie in that video. Also, he starred in New Order’s Touched By The Hand Of God, which I must admit I’d never seen. What a great, eclectic career. Bill Paxton will be missed.

R.I.P. William “Bill” Paxton (May 17, 1955 – February 25, 2017)

15 thoughts on “My Top Ten Bill Paxton Movies

  1. It’s such a sad loss. Surgery complications, of all things. πŸ™

    Paxton was one of my favorites, he was in so many more things than I thought he was in! I definitely thought his appearance in Edge of Tomorrow was brilliant. But Twister is what I’ll always associate him with. I think that was the first or maybe second movie I ever saw in theaters

    • I know – very unexpected. And far too young! 😦 Aww… You always gotta remind me how young you are (and how old I am! Lol). πŸ˜‰ I was in my twenties when Twister came out but I know what you mean – it feels odd to lose celebrities from your childhood. He’ll always be Aliens & Weird Science for me. What I really hate as well is that all my childhood celebs are the parents or, *gasp*, the grandparents in movies now. Never the main stars. My generation are the boring parental figures in movies now! 😦 (Except in John Wick….)

  2. Spectacular post! I will certainly share this. I kept nervously scrolling hoping to find Hudson on there from Aliens, and, of course, it rightfully makes the number 1 spot. He will forever be Hudson to me. He stole that movie for sure.

    • Thanks! There could be no other number one. : ) LOVE Aliens (it’s my most-watched movie ever along with Stand By Me – I had a big teenage obsession with both and watched them over & over). He was so fantastic as Hudson. He did that type of role perfectly (as in Weird Science as well). He definitely helped make Aliens the perfect film that it is. A sad & unexpected loss. 😦

  3. Great list, especially the top 2! “Game over, man! Game over!” He made a good villain on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” as well, and it’s a shame he didn’t direct more, having done a great job with The Greatest Game Ever Played. He will be missed. 😦

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