My Top Ten Ewan McGregor Movies

Happy Birthday to Ewan McGregor, who turns 46 today. Ewan McGregor isn’t someone I’ve ever thought of as a favorite actor but I’ve always liked him & will happily watch a movie if he’s in it. Plus he’s cute. And, hey, he’s not afraid of some full frontal nudity. Right?! 😀

So happy birthday to sweet Ewan McGregor! Here are My Top Ten Ewan McGregor Movies, counting down to my favorite (and, yeah, starting at 17… I’ve seen 18 in total including a tie. Oh, and more if I didn’t count the Star Wars movies as one. Never mind!).

17. A Life Less Ordinary
16. Nightwatch
15. Young Adam
14. Angels & Demons
13. Blue Juice
12. Beauty And The Beast
11. The Island


10. TIE: Moulin Rouge! & Little Voice

9. The Impossible

8. Robots

7. Brassed Off

6. Beginners

5. T2 Trainspotting

4. The Star Wars Prequels

3. Big Fish

2. Shallow Grave

1. Trainspotting

Plus he had a cameo in A Million Ways To Die In The West but I’ve not counted that. The one film of his that I haven’t seen but really want to is Velvet Goldmine.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂

19 thoughts on “My Top Ten Ewan McGregor Movies

  1. Hi… You wrote this: “Here are My Top Ten Ewan McGregor Movies, counting down to my favorite (and, yeah, starting at 17 since I’ve seen 17 in total)…”

    This is a perfect example of what I’ve been talking about. You’ve seen 18 Ewan McGregor movies. There are 18 movies listed here. But that’s just treading over old ground.

    I have a huge crush on Ewan McGregor. But I haven’t seen most of these. He is the perfect Obi Wan even though those movies aren’t the best. My favorite two from your list would have to be Life Less Ordinary and Moulin Rouge. And both because of the music. I think I liked The Island but I can’t remember it. Except for Trainspotting… Looking at your list makes me wonder why I like him so much. Oh that’s right because he’s hot.

    • Oh. Hahaha! I was hoping you’d notice my dodgy top ten numbering again sometime. But I totally agree – I’ve seen 18 Ewan McGregor movies. I shoved in Moulin Rouge as a tie at ten at the last minute so people wouldn’t yell at me (I don’t love the movie). I’m going to change the post to say I’ve seen 18 just for you (and my hubby, who also moaned at me). 😉 Wait! But I counted the Star Wars films as one. But not the Trainspotting films. How about that?? Lol. My list tomorrow is even more f*^ked up. Where were we? Ewan is a cutie pie. It’s a shame he hasn’t been in many great films. I must admit that I don’t even remember A Life Less Ordinary in the slightest. And he’s definitely one of the few really good things about the Star Wars prequels. And he’s cute. And naked a lot.

    • Oh, how could I forget the Island. I did. I actually love that movie. Although I feel it is almost to much like Logan’s Run but but with a different premise at the beginning. I even have it on DVD. I might watch it tonight now that I’m thinking about it.

      • The Island is one of those films I remember liking okay while watching but can’t remember a thing about it now… Lol. I think it was kind of typical Michael Bay material? But slightly better than his usual stuff. If that’s saying much. 🙂 If I remember correctly, it was like a Bay version of Never Let Me Go? Which, if you’ve not seen, I’ve now ruined… 😳 (Never Let Me Go is good!)

  2. Him and Fassbender… always getting their willies out! Ewan McGregor is very good in Velvet Goldmine but it’s somewhat ruined by the fact that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag.

    • Hehe. They can do it all they want, I suppose. Especially Fassbender. 😉 I do really want to see Velvet Goldmine – it’s one I’ll watch if it pops up on TV or something. Lol! “Pops up”…….. 🙂

  3. I had a huge crush on Ewan McGregor growing up (and okay, I’ll confess, I’m still obsessed). 😉 My favorite role for him is, unsurprisingly, Obi-Wan in the Star Wars prequels. I wish the prequels were better films overall but I felt Ewan was definitely the highlight out of all those films and he’s the reason I still own and watch those movies. I really, really hope he gets a standalone film. Pretty please, Disney!

    • Perfectly understandable – he’s definite “crush material”. 🙂 Totally agree that he was the perfect choice for Obi-Wan. He’s one of the few things I like about the prequels as well! I soooo wish those films had been better. At least we have The Force Awakens now. 🙂 Ohhh – what did you think of The Last Jedi trailer???????

  4. I love him as an actor. Brassed Off is one of my favorite films. Trainspotting is good. But it is too raw. I saw it once and have never been able to watch it again. It was a superb performance. I grant you that. I like him the Star Wars films. One film, I got the feeling he was playing it for laughs because he know how bad it really was. I just can’t remember which. Probably the third one.

    • He’s always good & deserves more recognition. Agreed that Trainspotting is an extremely difficult watch! Think I only managed it twice. And he’s the perfect Obi-Wan – too bad those films were so bad…. 🙂

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