My Top Ten John Ratzenberger Movies

Happy Birthday to John Ratzenberger, who turns 70 today.

Ratzenberger was of course first mainly known for playing Cliff Clavin on Cheers & then for doing voices in the majority of the Pixar films. Thanks to this, he probably has the absolute best Top Ten of the many actor/actress top ten lists that I’ve done on this blog. I’m sometimes scraping the bottom of the barrel for the bottom of these movie lists but all (12! Ha!) of the movies in Ratzenberger’s list below are absolutely brilliant.

As usual, I’m ranking these in order of my favorite film instead of performance. Favorite performance? I’m not sure but I do love his school of fish in Finding Nemo. So here are My Top Ten John Ratzenberger Movies that I’ve seen:

The Remainder:

17. Cars 2
16. Planes
15. Cars
14. The Good Dinosaur
13. Finding Dory
12. Monsters University
11. Brave

Top Ten:

10. Ratatouille

9. A Bug’s Life

8. Up

7. Inside Out

6. TIE: Spirited Away (dubbed) & Finding Nemo

5. The Superman Movies (I & II)

4. Monsters, Inc

3. The Toy Story Movies


1. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

The biggest John Ratzenberger movie I’ve not seen is Gandhi. It’s an alternate on my Blind Spot list so I’ll get around to it someday!

Here’s a fun compilation of some of his Pixar roles:


2 thoughts on “My Top Ten John Ratzenberger Movies

  1. John Ratzenberger in Empire?! Wow, thank u for giving me another reason to watch this ultimate classic again!
    He first came to my attention in live action fantasy: Warlords of Atlantis (1978) – childhood fave, but th creature fx look decidedly iffy now
    When I 1st saw Cheers I thot: That’s th bloke from Warlords of Atlantis – ha!
    Had no idea he’d done so much animation
    This is th Post getting top reviews @ th mo:

    • Yep! A very small role but certainly a movie he must be super proud to have been a part of. 🙂 Lol – can’t say I’ve seen Warlords of Atlantis… Like the sound of it! 😉

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