My Top Ten William Sadler Movies

Happy Birthday to William Sadler, who turns 67 today.

Sadler is a great “Hey, it’s that guy!“. I doubt many people other than hardcore movie fans could name him but most people will know his face. He’s been in 165 things according to IMDb. I’m a fan thanks mainly to his Frank Darabont/Stephen King connections. I wish Darabont, King, and Darabont’s usual favorite actors would work together all the time! Come on, Darabont – would you hurry up & adapt King’s fantastic The Long Walk?! And please once again give Sadler at least a small role. And Jeffrey DeMunn! Okay – I’m getting off topic. I just love Darabont’s King adaptations & he’s had the rights to The Long Walk, a favorite of mine, for ages. I. WANT. TO. SEE. IT. NOW. 😉

Sadler’s Darabont/King movies may be my favorites but my favorite role has to be his Grim Reaper in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. He stole the show in that one – I wonder if he’s fond of that role? He should be! I think he got to play quite a different character in that film & he really stood out. It would be cool to see him in more unusual roles like that one. But not necessarily lead roles – sometimes it’s cool to be a “Hey, it’s that guy!” guy.

As always, I’ll count down to my favorite films as opposed to performance. What a great, mixed bag to choose from. Here are My Top Ten William Sadler Movies:

The Other Two I’ve Seen:

12. Hard To Kill
11. Disturbing Behavior

Top Ten:

10. Man On A Ledge

9. August Rush

8. K-9 (Haha! Can’t even find a picture of Sadler in this as “Salesman Don”. So here’s James Belushi & the dog…)

7. Iron Man 3

6. Die Hard 2

5. Project X

4. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

3. The Mist

2. The Green Mile

1. The Shawshank Redemption

Sadler has also been in lots of TV shows, some of which I’ve seen him in, but the one movie of his that I’ve not yet seen but really want to is Rush starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jason Patric & Sam Elliott (stud).

Here’s Sadler as Death with Bill & Ted. Best two out of three!

17 thoughts on “My Top Ten William Sadler Movies

  1. Wow. I never knew his name. But I’ve seen him in everything. He is so nondescript. He’s so bland. William… oh shit. I’ve already forgotten his name.

    • Sadler. William. William Sadler. Bill to friends. (I dunno. Maybe?). 😉 I’ve always thought that, if I was an actresses, this is type of person I’d want to be. He probably makes decent money but can also live normally since he wouldn’t have a million people recognizing him at the supermarket. 🙂

  2. “The Count of Monte Crisco…”
    “That’s “Cristo” you dumb shit.”
    “…by Alexandree Dumb-ass… Dumb-ass!”
    “Dumb-ass? “Dumas”. You know what it’s about? You’ll like it, it’s about a prison break.”
    “We oughta file that under “Educational” too, oughten we?”
    Arguably Sadler’s best scene in his most memorable performance
    They don’t write them like that anymore!

  3. loved this one mutant! always been of fan of his ever since die hard 2 and loved him in both shawshank, green mile and the mist!

    im a HUGE fan of the long walk and would be so thrilled to see it on film and perhaps darabont is the best person to adapt it

    would love to see rage also adapted on day

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