My Top Ten Al Pacino Movies

Happy Birthday to Al Pacino, who turns 77 today.

He’s a bit overrated, right? Ha! Just trying to get your attention. 😉 To be fair, though, Pacino has never been a favorite actor of mine. I can see why guys like him as he’s been in so many (admittedly good) gangster films. He’s the Steven Seagal of good “guy” movies instead of shit “guy” movies. Right?? For the most part, I think Pacino has lucked out in being in some very big films. I think he’s great in the Godfather films but otherwise is too over the top sometimes. And he’s been in some real stinkers! As has Robert De Niro, of course. Of the two, though, I’d have to say I prefer De Niro.

Well, Pacino has a lot of fans even if I’m not really one of them. And, okay, he’s been in some great films. Better than those Steven Seagal ones, anyway! Here are My Top Ten Al Pacino Movies:

The Rest That I’ve Seen:

14. Gigli (yikes)
13. Dick Tracy
12. Sea Of Love
11. The Insider (probably deserves to be higher but I can’t remember much of it now)

Top Ten:

10. Insomnia

9. Frankie And Johnny

8. The Devil’s Advocate

7. Dog Day Afternoon

6. Scent Of A Woman

5. Carlito’s Way

4. Donnie Brasco

3. Scarface

2. Heat

1. The Godfather I & II

Some I’ve Not Seen:
The Panic In Needle Park, Serpico, Glengarry Glen Ross, Any Given Sunday, S1m0ne, The Godfather III

17 thoughts on “My Top Ten Al Pacino Movies

  1. Wow. You’ve never seen Glengarry Glen Ross. That movie is amazing. So many great performances in that. And great writing. David Mamet at his best. The Alec Baldwin scene alone is worth the rental fee. “Put the coffee down. Coffee is for closers.”

    • I haven’t! And I never even knew a THING about it (other than the weird name) until I looked it up when doing this list. A few people have mentioned that one so I suppose I should watch it. I’ll watch it after I finally watch Citizen Kane… 😉

  2. Some here I really need to get round to, but Godfather is definitely top.

    I’d give Serpico a miss, personally, but a lot of people love/admire it, so what do I know?

    • Yeah, there’s still plenty I need to get around to but not being a Pacino fan (*gasp!* lol), I’m not in a huge hurry. Doubt I’ll ever get around to Serpico with my enormous “To Watch” list anyway. ; )

    • Thanks! Agreed that Scent Of A Woman is one of his better performances. I don’t think that movie gets quite enough credit but I really liked that one. : )

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