My Top Ten John C. Reilly Movies 

Happy Belated Birthday to John C. Reilly, who turned 52 on Wednesday.

I dedicate this Top Ten to blogger Tom (aka Thomas J), who has done a lot of reviews of Reilly’s films. I apologize to you all as I’ve not been able to visit your blogs this year while I’ve had to cut way back on blogging but, when I did sometimes manage to comment on Tom’s John C. Reilly reviews (ages ago now), I believe my comment was usually “What? John C. Reilly was in this movie?!?“.

And in making this Top Ten, I realized that I indeed have no memory of Reilly being in half of the films of his that I’ve seen. So, for this list, I’m going to indicate after the title whether or not I remember John C. Reilly being in the film. Hopefully John doesn’t read my blog… It’s probably not much of a compliment to say I hardly ever notice him. Sorry, Mr. Reilly! You ARE Mister Cellophane, you know. 😉

Here are My Top Ten John C. Reilly Movies and whether or not I remember him being in them, counting down to my favorite film. Some of these are uncredited cameos (so you can’t blame me for forgetting him!). Here we go…

The Rest That I’ve Seen:

19. Cyrus – Yes
18. Nightwatch – No
17. Dark Water – No
16. Days Of Thunder – No
15. The Good Girl – Kind Of
14. Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny – No
13. Life After Beth – Haha. No, and it’s fairly recent! Shit, he’s even in a picture I used in my review…
12. The River Wild – No
11. Dolores Claiborne – No


10. Chicago
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? Yes

9. Anger Management
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? No

8. The Perfect Storm
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? No

7. The Aviator
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? No

6. Boogie Nights
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? Yes

5. Magnolia
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? Yes

4. Never Been Kissed
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? Kind Of

3. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? Umm. Not really.

2. Wreck-It Ralph
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? Yes

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy
Do I remember John C. Reilly In This? Yes

Saw But Don’t Remember The Movie, Let Alone Reilly:
Casualties Of War
The Hours

Some Of The Many I’ve Not Seen But Wasn’t Aware That He Was In Anyway Except For That One Where He’s The Only One On The Movie’s Poster & He’s Posing Like Jim Morrison:
We’re Not Angels, Hard Eight, The Thin Red Line, For Love Of The Game, Gangs Of New York, A Prairie Home Companion, Talladega Nights, Year Of The Dog, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, The Promotion, Step Brothers, 9, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Dictator, Anchorman 2, When Marnie Was There, The Lobster, Sing, Kong: Skull Island

22 thoughts on “My Top Ten John C. Reilly Movies 

    • I do like him – I should pay more attention to him when he’s in a movie. It’s funny that the character I actually always picture when I hear his name is Wreck-It Ralph. Lol. But that’s okay – I love that movie and character. 🙂

  1. Cool post. John C. Reilly is brilliant at blending in. What can we do? He’s just unnoticeable like that, although he’s equipped with fine acting skills and has the face of an innocent teddy bear. I would just add Step Brothers (2008) to your fine fine list, starring him and Will Ferrell. A hilarious movie. Here’s another great opportunity to (not) remember John C. Reilly 😉

    • Thanks! Haha – yeah, he just “blends in”. I do think he’s a really good actor even though I forget he’s in films half the time. He’s so often in fairly small roles too. I’ll watch Step Brothers at some point. It’s a big role so I’m sure I’ll remember him in that one! 🙂

    • I know! I couldn’t believe he’d been in so much when I looked him up. I do mainly think of his dumb comedies, although I’ve not seen most of those (I’ve not seen Talladega or Step Brothers). I do like him, though, so I’m sure he makes those films somewhat tolerable. 🙂

    • He has! He definitely deserves more recognition. I think he gets forgotten since he blends into his roles so well. I’ve not watched Boogie Nights in years – I should give that a rewatch. : )

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