My Top Ten Morgan Freeman Movies

Happy Birthday to Morgan Freeman, who is 80 today.

Freeman is easily one of my favorite actors. Who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman??? Plus that VOICE of his! Perfect for God in Bruce Almighty. And just thinking of his Shawshank Redemption narration gives me happy goosebumps.

Looking at this list, he’s only been in one movie that I really love. But I’ve seen quite a few of his films as he’s one of those actors who will make me watch a movie that I might not have watched if it starred someone else. It’s a pretty mixed bag – he doesn’t stick to any one genre. I think he’s fun when in comedies but probably like him most in things such as Shawshank & Million Dollar Baby.

Here are My Top Ten Morgan Freeman Movies (not performances) counting down to my favorite:

The Rest That I’ve Seen:

22. Hard Rain
21. Chain Reaction
20. Nurse Betty
19. Dreamcatcher
18. Wanted
17. Now You See Me
16. Gone Baby Gone
15. War Of The Worlds
14. Bruce Almighty
13. Outbreak
12. Ted 2
11. Lucy

Top Ten:

10. TIE: Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves & Driving Miss Daisy

9. Oblivion

8. Seven

7. Unforgiven

6. The Bucket List

5. Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

4. Deep Impact

3. Million Dollar Baby

2. The Lego Movie

1. The Shawshank Redemption

Saw But Don’t Remember Well So Can’t Include Them:
Kiss The Girls
Lean On Me

Some I’ve Not Seen:
Teachers, That Was Then… This Is Now, Clean And Sober, Johnny Handsome, The Bonfire Of The Vanities, Lucky Number Slevin, Evan Almighty, Invictus, Red, Last Vegas, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, Transcendence, Now You See Me 2, Ben-Hur, Going In Style

23 thoughts on “My Top Ten Morgan Freeman Movies

  1. Great list. I’ve never much thought about Morgan Freeman as an actor. He just is. He’s just Morgan Freeman. He’s one of those institutions like having eggs for breakfast. Something you don’t think about until someone hands you fried eggs after 8 pm and you’re all like, “what the fuck is this? What are we animals?”

    • Haha! Yes. Exactly. Freeman just “is”. I love that. I’d have said something like that if I was good with words. 😁 Does he have an Oscar or anything?! I should know that. Someone should give him a damn award just for existing. (Oh. Yes! Has one for Million Dollar Baby. Good.)

  2. Really recommend you watch his early villainy in 1987’s “Street Smart”, the man is something else in that. Also, take in his work with “Johnny Handsome” and under-appreciated effort in “Invictus”. Well worth it.

  3. Great list, and yeah, he’s been in a huge variety of films, both good and so-so. Can’t beat Shawshank! Definitely give Glory, Lean on Me, and Teachers a watch. They’re from the ’80s so that should be incentive enough, right? πŸ™‚

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