My Top Ten Meryl Streep Movies

Happy Birthday to Meryl Streep, who is 68 today.

Okay – I admit to still needing to see some of Streep’s biggest films. I also need to re-watch several. So this will be a “Top Ten For Now” list that I’ll update when I see more of her work. The one I was really hoping to see before making this list was Postcards From The Edge, but… Time is short lately! I’ll get to it someday.

Although Trump thinks she’s overrated, I think the rest of us can agree that Streep is a damn good actress. She’s one who has never been in any films that I’ve truly loved, though. She rarely does films within my favorite sort of genres (Oscar-worthy dramas & lame comedy films aren’t ones I usually love). And she’s been in some right stinkers as well (She-Devil! Bwahaha!). I hate the bottom three on this list & like the top five okay.

However, I’ve always liked Streep as a person (as much as we can ever really know about a celeb, anyway). She seems to have a great sense of humor at the many awards shows she’s always at since she’s always nominated for something. I enjoy her awards show appearances more than most of her films (especially the bottom three). I have a long list at the end of what I have yet to see so you can yell at me for not seeing things like Sophie’s Choice… 😉

So, FOR NOW, here are My Top Ten Meryl Streep Movies (counting down to my favorite movie, not performance):

The Rest That I’ve Seen:

18. She-Devil
17. Into The Woods
16. Mamma Mia!
15. Death Becomes Her
14. Julie & Julia
13. The Hours (could do with re-watching)
12. The River Wild
11. Manhattan

10. Out Of Africa (could do with re-watching)

9. Adaptation (could do with re-watching)

8. The Bridges Of Madison County

7. The Giver

6. Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events

5. Suffragette

4. The Devil Wears Prada

3. Kramer Vs Kramer

2. Silkwood

1. The Deer Hunter

I Saw But Don’t Remember:
One True Thing & A Cry In The Dark

Some I’ve Not Seen:
The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Sophie’s Choice, Heartburn, Postcards From The Edge, Marvin’s Room, Music Of The Heart, The Ant Bully, Lions For Lambs, Doubt, It’s Complicated, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Iron Lady, August: Osage County, Ricki And The Flash, Florence Foster Jenkins

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (she did the voice of “Blue Mecha”)

18 thoughts on “My Top Ten Meryl Streep Movies

  1. I haven’t seen any of Meryl Streep’s dramas (except Deer Hunter when I was far too young to watch Deer Hunter). I love her in comedies and musicals. I just can’t sit through the types of dramatic movies she does. Silkwood, Sophie’s Choice, Out of Africa… I get sick just thinking about two hours of that heavy-ass crap. Give me The Devil Wears Prada and Mamma Mia any day.

    • I struggle to sit through the types of dramas she does. Just… I want to have fun, dammit. I don’t want to feel like you felt while stuck in the middle of the cinema while watching The English Patient. (Ha – I loved that comment) : )

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