My Top Ten Tom Cruise Movies

Happy Birthday to Tom Cruise, who turns 55 today. Wow… Does he ever age??

To be honest, I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan. I mean, look at him in that photo up there… How annoying would it be to work with someone who goes around smiling like that? Can you imagine someone so goddamn happy sitting at the desk next to you?! Ugh. However, I have to say that I admire how Cruise treats his fans. He’s always happy to hang around & sign autographs and that’s cool. I hate stars who seem like conceited assholes in real life. He also seems to enjoy making movies and doing his own stunts and all that. So, yeah – I suppose he smiles like that because he does seem to be a pretty happy dude. Which is better than a grumpy famous person. I guess.

Anyway! I figured now would be a good time to finally do a list of My Top Ten Tom Cruise Movies. He’s of course been in loads of films but he does a lot of action dramas, which aren’t really my type of thing. That’s why my number one was a huge surprise… His best movie in years & a genre I love! And number two deserves more credit – It’s a classic. I admit to needing to re-watch some of those outside of the top ten & they’d probably move up the list. How about I shut the hell up & do this list. Is Cruise still smiling like a loon in that photo up there…??

Here are My Top Ten Tom Cruise Movies, counting down to my favorite (ranked by film, not performance):

The Rest That I’ve Seen:

25. Tropic Thunder
24. Cocktail
23. Eyes Wide Shut
22. Born On The Fourth Of July
21. Days Of Thunder
20. Austin Powers In Goldmember
19. War Of The Worlds
18. The Firm
17. Interview With The Vampire
16. The Mission Impossible Films (Think I’ve only seen 1 or 2… Should re-watch & am sure they’d rank higher)
15. Legend (I’m lying. I barely remember this.)
14. Risky Business
13. Endless Love
12. Oblivion
11. Vanilla Sky

Top Ten:

10. A Few Good Men

9. The Color Of Money

8. Collateral

7. Magnolia

6. Jerry Maguire

5. Minority Report

4. The Outsiders

3. Rain Man

2. Top Gun

1. Edge Of Tomorrow

Some I’ve Not Seen:

Taps, Far And Away, The Last Samurai, Lions For Lambs, Valkyrie, Knight And Day, Jack Reacher, Rock Of Ages, The Mummy

(Is he still fucking smiling up there??)

26 thoughts on “My Top Ten Tom Cruise Movies

  1. As high a hit-rate as any other A-lister out there. He really is a fantastic actor. Of the films you haven’t seen, I’m not sure you should see any of them mind. It’s really impressive how he usually does his own stunts.

  2. Good list. I agree with “A Few Good Men”, but his most famous roles does not necessarily mean his best and I think his performance in “Rain Man” was a bit trying. I think you should definitely see “The Last Samurai”. If one likes Tom Cruise, there is just no way anyone should pass that film by.

    • I think his acting is, well, not that great in anything to be honest… ; ) But I do like the movie Rain Man quite a bit so had to put it pretty high. Of those I’ve not seen, The Last Samurai is the only one that interests me so it’s likely I’ll watch it. Eventually! : )

  3. I like to think I’m a happy kind of person but even I would murder a desk buddy if they smiled like that all the time, ha!
    I feel bad because I actively avoid Tom Cruise movies – I just feel like he always plays the same role! That said, I’d really like to give Rain Man a try because I’ve heard good things about it 🙂

    • Lol. Luckily I work with a bunch of grumpy turds! ; ) It’s true – I don’t think Cruise is the exactly an Oscar-worthy actor but he’s been in some good movies that are worth watching. I’d recommend Rain Man – Hoffman is the true star of that one anyway. And I most definitely recommend Edge Of Tomorrow if you’ve not seen it (Emily Blunt is the true star of that). : )

  4. I dislike Tom Cruise as a human being. Most of the time, when that happens, I have no problem with avoiding a particular actor’s film. But I actually think Tom Cruise is a good actor. He is very good at what he does and he sticks to what works for him. Which is why it seems like he plays the same character. I think his range is wider as his early career shows. But he seems to be type cast now.

    Having said that, I got half-way through Collateral and stopped watching it. Not that it wasn’t a good movie. It was. But it REALLY made me mad at Tom Cruise. The movie isn’t about him. It is Jamie Foxx’s movie. It is really all about his character. Really, he out to have had top billing. Not Tom Cruise. His portrayal of the cab driver really carried that film. And at the time, they were both big names. It isn’t like a nobody was playing the cab driver. At they very least, they should have shared top billing.

    • I also find it hard to watch movies when I REALLY dislike the person in real life (for me, Christian Bale is a big one). I don’t hate Cruise as he seems quite nice but he’s also not a person I think people can really relate to in real life as his lifestyle is so different. But I agree he sticks to the types of roles that suit him (mainstream action dramas, which aren’t my type of thing). But he deserves more credit than he seems to get – I do think he’s the definition of a true Hollywood star. Which I suppose is why he always gets top billing (like in Collateral). Foxx is more famous now than when that came out so I would hope he’d get top billing now. And I think Cruise was quite good in that – that movie seemed to kind of slip under the radar despite being good. I think Cruise having top billing may have kept people away…

  5. Nice one T9M! I’m not really a fan of Tom Cruise as a person, but you can’t deny he’s made some great films. Magnolia is definitely up there for me. Such a fantastic film, and Cruise’s performance is excellent.

    • Thanks, Anna! : ) Agreed. I also can’t call myself a fan but he’s had an impressive list of films. I know Magnolia isn’t for everyone but I liked it a lot and liked that Cruise played such a different character from what he usually plays. And I adore that soundtrack… : )

    • Yay! And I’m glad to hear from another fan of Edge Of Tomorrow. : ) I think it’s unfortunate that Cruise was in it as I honestly think that some people avoid his movies. But that movie deserves to be seen. It was great. And, anyway, Emily Blunt is the true star. Loved her! : )

    • Edge Of Tomorrow was fantastic but I think we can thank Emily Blunt for that. 🙂 I probably unfairly stuck Tropic Thunder at the bottom as I watched it with a friend who always wants to watch movies with me but then talks through the WHOLE THING. So, to be fair, I can’t truly say that I’ve seen Tropic Thunder. I vaguely remember him, though! Looked like he was having fun with that role. ; )

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