13 thoughts on “Okja (2017) Review

  1. I had exactly the same feeling about Snowpiercer. Word by word. Swinton was annoying there in the same way as you describe her in Okja. Although I normally really like her.

    ”Was the film going for a dark humor thing that just didnā€™t work? I think itā€™s what made the filmā€™s message fail to have any sort of impact on me.”
    ”Snowpiercer isnā€™t awful but it also isnā€™t anything all that special”.

    But what about Paul Dano? He often plays creepy awkward characters, but he does it well, in my opinion.

    • Good to know I’m probably not missing much with Snowpiercer, then, since I didn’t love Okja. Paul Dano was good, though. Think I liked that he wasn’t weird & creepy for once! Agreed that he does creepy well… He certainly creeps me out. : )

  2. This does not look the least appealing to me. I will not be wasting my time on this. I did not like Snowpiercer. It was too holey and too holy and just wholly unnecessary. I ranted about it on my blog some time ago. So many people I respect swear by that film. I just wanted it over.

  3. Was Snowpiercer that train one? If so, I really liked it. This one doesn’t trip my trigger. Netflix keeps telling me I need to watch it and I just am not feeling it.

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