14 thoughts on “Okja (2017) Review

  1. I had exactly the same feeling about Snowpiercer. Word by word. Swinton was annoying there in the same way as you describe her in Okja. Although I normally really like her.

    ”Was the film going for a dark humor thing that just didn’t work? I think it’s what made the film’s message fail to have any sort of impact on me.”
    ”Snowpiercer isn’t awful but it also isn’t anything all that special”.

    But what about Paul Dano? He often plays creepy awkward characters, but he does it well, in my opinion.

    • Good to know I’m probably not missing much with Snowpiercer, then, since I didn’t love Okja. Paul Dano was good, though. Think I liked that he wasn’t weird & creepy for once! Agreed that he does creepy well… He certainly creeps me out. : )

  2. This does not look the least appealing to me. I will not be wasting my time on this. I did not like Snowpiercer. It was too holey and too holy and just wholly unnecessary. I ranted about it on my blog some time ago. So many people I respect swear by that film. I just wanted it over.

  3. Was Snowpiercer that train one? If so, I really liked it. This one doesn’t trip my trigger. Netflix keeps telling me I need to watch it and I just am not feeling it.

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