My Top Ten Sandra Bullock Movies

Happy Birthday to Sandra Bullock, who turns 53 today.

Remember when Sandra Bullock & Julia Roberts were making all that silly rom-com stuff around the same sort of time? I always preferred Bullock. I think most people did… (Am I right??!!). It’s weird how Roberts had a sort of backlash against her that Bullock seemed to escape. Now I’m wondering which of the two has actually been in better films overall. Hmm. I’m pretty sure I like more Bullock films than Roberts films. Guess I should do a Roberts Top Ten sometime… Of which, considering I’m not a huge chick flick lover, Steel Magnolias would be number one. Because it’s awesome, despite being one of the absolute chick flickiest! And Pretty Woman deserves more credit than it gets – it’s mega quotable.

But back to Bullock! I bet British people found her name funny when she became famous. Bollocks! I don’t have a lot to say here. I like Bullock. She seems pretty sweet in real life & has been in a lot of throwaway but enjoyable films. I’m happy she has an Oscar but, I do apologize, I’ve not seen her in that role. That movie looked too pukey feelgood Americana. If you can convince me otherwise, I’ll try to watch it & not be so judge-y. Anyway, everyone likes Bullock! Right?!

Here are My Top Ten Sandra Bullock Movies, ranked from least favorite to favorite movie (not by performance):

**Note: I know it seems like I say this a lot, but… WOW, I barely remember half of these! So don’t take the lower part of this list too seriously. 😉

The Rest That I’ve Seen:

21. Miss Congeniality 2 (a vague memory of this being bad)
20. Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood (barely remember)
19. Speed 2: Cruise Control (yikes)
18. Two Weeks Notice (barely remember)
17. Premonition (barely remember)
16. Murder By Numbers (barely remember)
15. The Net (barely remember)
14. Forces Of Nature (remember-ish)
13. The Vanishing (am aware I should see the original instead)
12. A Time To Kill (too upsetting)
11. Crash (not Oscar-worthy)

10. Hope Floats (remember liking the cute little girl at the time. didn’t know it was Mae Whitman! need to rewatch)

9. Minions

8. 28 Days

7. Miss Congeniality

6. The Thing Called Love

5. While You Were Sleeping

4. Practical Magic (could actually do with re-watching this as well)

3. The Lake House

2. Gravity

1. Speed

I think I still have a secret desire for Bullock & Reeves to marry in real life…

Some I’ve Not Seen:
Demolition Man, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, In Love And War, The Prince Of Egypt, The Proposal, All About Steve, The Blind Side, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Heat, Our Brand Is Crisis

28 thoughts on “My Top Ten Sandra Bullock Movies

  1. Gravity, Speed and Demolition Man are all awesome movies… set fire to the rest of her career. (ooh ooh ooh remember when her boyfriend turned out to be a raging racist but she pretended she didn’t know but then adopted a black baby boy and awkwardly named him after Louis Armstrong? [that’s like naming your adopted British kid after Neville Chamberlain] Yeah I remember that). Never really liked Sandy.

    • I should watch Demolition Man. Oh, man – don’t dig up dirt on Sandy! ; ) This is why I avoid celebrity news for the most part since it usually turns out that most of them are wankers in real life. Are you talking about that guy she was with who was a tattoo dude or something like that? And then he cheated on her after the Oscars? Haha. Celebs are so weird. And I had to Google Neville Chamberlain – I suck at living in England. : )

  2. I know you don’t like romcoms but The Proposal is one of my favourites! Worth a watch if you have a crazy moment 🙂
    I thought I loved Sandra Bullock but there are SO MANY movies in this list I haven’t seen! Better crack on with them!

  3. Oh, you must take in DEMOLITION MAN. Besides being an underrated actioner with sneaky satire, Sandra is just sooooo cute in this and steals every scene she’s in.

  4. Speed is one of my favorite movies of both Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. I think she fared better in romcoms than Julia Roberts is because she has this likeability working for her. Not that I don’t like Julia Roberts, but I feel like Bullock brings her all in the roles that she takes. While You Were Sleeping and Practical Magic are good movies of hers as well.

    Some of my favorite movies of hers are Gravity, Miss Congeniality, Demolition Man, and Proposal.

    • Speed is great! Agreed that she comes across as quite likeable onscreen, which is why romcoms suit her. Several have mentioned The Proposal & Demolition Man – I guess I better add those to my Watchlist. 🙂

  5. An absolute yes to the top 3! I love those, but haven’t seen most of the others, except for Miss Congeniality recently, which was good too. The Blind Side would probably be my #2, though, so I highly recommend trying it. Some think it’s too feel-good and all, but I love it, and Bullock is great!

  6. Great work here. She has to be one of the most likable stars there is. And though I like her comedy, I enjoy seeing her in drama too. Her work in Gravity was beautiful.

  7. I LOVE SANDY B!!! For me she’s always taken really run of the mill films and made them a bit special… like While You Were Sleeping. Miss Congeniality has to be one of my absolute favourite guilty pleasures.

  8. I love her! And The Proposal, I re-watch it probably more than once a year. One of the best rom-coms ever, she and Ryan Reynolds have great chemistry. And you should check The Demolition Man too even though it’s silly. But there are some nice scenes and it’s quite funny. And she’s super-cute in it.

  9. One of my favorite actresses. I loved seeing her in an interview where she said she didn’t understand why everyone wanted her to do their movies. She thought she wasn’t a very good actress. I think she never experienced the backlash you mentioned was because there is something so ‘everyday’ about her. Something about her makes most, women at least, think there is something ‘best friendish’ about her. Actually, she isn’t the only one who has made that comment about herself. I think Melanie Griffith said the same thing once.

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