My Top Ten Sigourney Weaver Movies

Happy Birthday (soon) to Sigourney Weaver, who turns 68 on Sunday.

Ellen Ripley is one of my all-time favorite characters in two of my all-time favorite films (only the first two Alien films really count). I’m obsessed with those movies – they’re definitely going with me to my desert island.

As for Sigourney Weaver as an actress? Well, she IS Ellen Ripley to me. How awesome must it be to be able to say you played one of the all-time greatest cinematic characters?! Outside of the Alien films, however, I’m not gonna lie: I’d never call her a favorite actress of mine. But who cares? Ripley is all that matters.

As for her movie resume (aka movie CV in the UK), she’s been in a wide mix of things and not many I’d say I love other than numbers 1 & 2 on the below list. But who cares? She was in the Alien films. The f*^king ALIEN films. Nothing else matters. They can’t be topped. But, what the hell, I’ve done a Top Ten anyway. πŸ˜‰

Counting down to my favorite, these are My Top Ten Sigourney Weaver Movies (not ranked by character or performance):

The Rest That I’ve Seen:

21. Heartbreakers
20. Copycat
19. Red Lights
18. The Tale Of Despereaux
17. Be Kind Rewind
16. Paul
15. Dave (could do with rewatching)
14. Ghostbusters (2016)
13. Galaxy Quest
12. Finding Dory
11. Avatar

Top Ten:

10. The Ice Storm

9. Working Girl

8. Holes

7. Chappie

6. Gorillas In The Mist (could do with rewatching this)

5. The Cabin In The Woods

4. The Village

3. Ghostbusters I & II (even though I just tweeted the other day that Ghostbusters has NOT aged well. and I barely remember II…)


1. The Alien Films (but really just Alien & Aliens)

Some I’ve Not Seen:

Annie Hall, The Year Of Living Dangerously, 1492: Conquest Of Paradise, Infamous, Vantage Point, Baby Mama, Exodus: Gods And Kings, A Monster Calls


9 thoughts on “My Top Ten Sigourney Weaver Movies

  1. Very cool! But you didn’t consider The Defenders, did you?

    I absolutely love her. And in the last, maybe, 10 years, I started to realize that she actually became more attractive as she got older. Or was it just due to her roles that started to have more female appeal instead of her more masculine Alien roles? I mean, look at her 80-s movies and late 90-s and 00-s movies. There is a big difference.

    • Is that a TV show? I had to look it up. Don’t really watch much TV! Movies take up the little bit of spare time I have. πŸ™‚ I don’t know, though, I think Ellen Ripley is sexy as hell. πŸ˜‰ I think her looks were just very “of their time” and 70s & 80s styles look a bit dodgy now…

      • Yes, it’s true, but I have a problem with the 70-s and 80-s haircuts… 🀣🀣🀣 I don’t watch much TV too, but yes, it’s Marvel TV series which brings together various characters from other shows 😊 it was fine, nothing outstanding, mostly interesting thanks exactly to bringing different characters together AND S. Weaver’s performance.

  2. Great Post!
    Sigourney is th First Lady of SF as far as my site is concerned!
    Wonderful actress, so it is a shame that I’ve only seen half of th films listed here.
    Is that really her in (10) Th Ice Storm?! She is almost unrecognisable

  3. Great list of movies. I forgot that she was in Cabin in the Woods. The Alien saga is so good and it’s because of Weaver. Another great one I will reccomend is Death and the Maiden. Its stars her with Ben Kingsly and its about a lady who plays mind games with a former Nazi who killed her family. Its really good.

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