My Top Ten Brian De Palma Movies

Happy Birthday to Brian De Palma, who turns 78 today.

I really love some of De Palma’s films. And feel “meh” about some. And kind of hate a couple. And still haven’t seen some of his big ones (I’ve listed those at the end). His movies really are all over the place on quality & on genre! I do really like when he’s gone more “horror” but his crime films are great.

So here are my top ten De Palma films that I’ve seen, although I didn’t really like number 10 and barely remember number 9. And 11 was…. Ugh! I’m sure some of those I haven’t seen or need to re-watch would make this list (certainly Blow Out or Body Double). I’ll update this list when I see or re-watch any.

My Top Ten Brian De Palma Movies (I’ve seen 11…):

11. Mission To Mars (UGH)

Top Ten:

10. Snake Eyes (ugh)

9. Casualties Of War

8. The Fury

7. Mission: Impossible

6. Sisters (aka Blood Sisters)

5. Carlito’s Way (I could do with re-watching this…)

4. Phantom Of The Paradise

3. Scarface

2. The Untouchables

1. Carrie

Saw But Need To Re-Watch As Don’t Really Remember Them:
Blow Out & Body Double

Some I’ve Not Seen:
Hi, Mom!, Obsession, Dressed To Kill, The Bonfire Of The Vanities, Raising Cain, The Black Dahlia, Redacted, Passion

**Oh, and De Palma made that Bruce Springsteen video for Dancing In The Dark where he pulls that “random” pretty girl (Courteney Cox) out of the audience to dance with him (this is probably the only time you’ll see a Springsteen video on this blog. I’m not a fan…):

15 thoughts on “My Top Ten Brian De Palma Movies

    • Yep! 🙂 De Palma has done loads of films. I think he probably doesn’t get enough recognition since his best films were such a long time ago and ones from recent years aren’t very good.

  1. Just popping in to very quietly say that I really liked Snake Eyes… and didn’t like Carrie! But I saw it many, many years ago and owe it a rewatch.

    Scarface would probably be my #1, but I’ve not seen many — the only others are The Black Dahlia (terrible) and Mission: Impossible (great). Me being me, I own Blu-rays of about 9 or 10 of his films that I’ve never seen…!

    • Ha! That’s okay. To be totally fair, I barely remember Snake Eyes. Wait… You don’t like Carrie?! Okay – that’s NOT okay. 😉 You’re so like me – it’s ridiculous the amount of movies I own and still haven’t watched (or even taken out of the wrapping). Lol. That’s movie nerds for you. 🙂

    • I just looked up Dressed To Kill. I do like Michael Caine. Sounds like one I might like! And I’ll rewatch Body Double someday as well. I’m sure I was too young to appreciate it at age 13 when I babysat the neighbor kid and watched his parents’ slightly dirty movies after the kid went to bed… 😉 Body Double was one of those & I’ve not seen it since.

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