Goodbye For Now – New Hobby Needed

I’ve really enjoyed my time blogging here since November 2011. Thanks to everyone! 🙂

I’ll be replying to comments on here (I’ve fallen behind – Sorry!). And I’ll read & comment on your blogs as I’ll always love reading about & talking about movies.

But I won’t be watching any new ones for a while so I won’t have anything to blog about. Got in a bit of trouble with the family when they counted up the number of movies I’ve watched this year thanks to my keeping a record on this blog. Oops! So… I guess I’ll have to find a new hobby.

Any suggestions?! 😉 This won’t be a cooking blog – I hate cooking. Hmm… I suck at photography. I don’t like to travel. What else do people blog about?! Ha! Damn. I like music! But not sure how to write about that…

17 thoughts on “Goodbye For Now – New Hobby Needed

    • Well, I’m in negotiations right now! I might be allowed to watch movies. I don’t think 25 movies in a month is excessive. Is it?! Especially as NINE of those were watched WITH them. So I watched 16 movies alone in May, mostly while they slept in late on weekends. I think I’ve convinced them that’s not too bad during a pandemic. 😉 Just scared to post my June post now! But I think that was only 15 movies so I might get away with posting that…. 😜

      #FuckOtherHobbies 😆

  1. Ah, that’s tough. Like you say, watching films is a hobby. I usually watch between 15-20 a month. Sometimes I watch films with my boyfriend (we have no kids) but we don’t always agree and he likes to watch football, play Fifa or, you’ve guessed it, watch documentaries about football.
    I hope you’re okay and come up with a solution that you’re all happy with, especially you.

    • Thanks – I’ve cooled down after being told I can’t watch so many movies. I was like “Right! I won’t watch any ever again!” because I’m mature like that. 😁 It was 25 in May but I pointed out that we watched loads as a family that month (9 of those). So 16 on my own isn’t such a big number. 😉 I need a sports hubby who watches sports while I watch something good! I also pointed out that I wake up way earlier than everyone else so tend to binge movies weekend mornings while having to stay quiet. We’ve compromised! I’m still going to watch enough to blog about each month. I don’t know exactly how many I’m allowed but I’ve only watched one in July so far & I’m really needing a movie fix! 😟

  2. Trouble with the fam watching too many movies !!!! Tsk tsk. You know loads about music, why not start with top 10s and stuff? Sometimes I just write about random nonsense ha ha. Miss Mutant!!!! ❤

    • Hi! Emma!! I’m over my little temper tantrum at being told to not watch so many movies. (Kind of. Still a bit bitter. Lol). 😆 We’ve compromised – I can watch some now. Not sure how MANY I’m allowed but I’ve only watched one in July so far. Ugh! I need a movie fix! I really should go back to more music posts. I’ve never really written much about music but did do a lot of top ten songs & bands lists. I just might do that! I do love music too (and I’m allowed to listen to as much of it as I want & only get yelled at for playing loud heavy metal on weekend mornings…) 😉

      • Only one movie and you wrote that on 13th July! One movie over almost two weeks! Please tell me hubby is relenting a little bit?! Plus if you’re anything like me, the LESS movies you watch, the MORE complete crap you end up watching on TV. Less substance! You could use that as your argument? 🙂

      • Ha! Well, after landing myself in hospital for a week & having to be signed off of work for a further two weeks to rest it’s given me LOTS of spare time. I’ve been allowed to watch plenty of movies since there’s not been much else I could do! 😉lol. Watched a few entire TV series as well. Think I’m ready to go back to work! 😊

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