2012 Movies

I started this blog November 2012 so I didn’t do full reviews of many of these (only Perks and… Tinker Bell! Lol. Links are below). But I did this round-up at the end of the year of all the movies I’d seen in the cinema in 2012. These are in order from my favorite to least favorite:

1. The Artist – 9/10

20121227-114349 PM.jpg
This counts as I saw it in the cinema in January 2012. I’m in the UK so we’re usually a little behind on movies (much to my annoyance). πŸ˜‰ Excellent, beautiful, moving movie without a bunch of unnecessary noise and with really cool shoes & clothing. I wanted to somehow crawl into the screen and live in this movie.

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 8.5/10

20121227-114518 PM.jpg
Can’t fully put my finger on it but really loved this movie. Already reviewed it on here so won’t go into it much again but I think it’s just because I really felt I could identify with the characters and wished they’d been MY group of friends in 1991, when the movie takes place (and when I was actually the same age as them!). Reading the book now.

3. Ted – 8.5/10

20121227-114610 PM.jpg
I’m not much of a “comedy movie” person. Not because I don’t have a sense of humor but because NOTHING is funny these days! Maybe I’m just too old and out of touch since I haven’t found anything funny since Wayne’s World, The Princess Bride & This Is Spinal Tap. But, holy crap -Ted was freaking hilarious! Thank you god! A funny movie! Finally! Or… Thank you Seth MacFarlane. Whatever. πŸ™‚

4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – 8/10

20121227-114723 PM.jpg
I saw this four days ago and still need to do a review of it. I’m still trying to decide exactly what I think of it, though. I’m a big fan of the book and of course The Lord of the Rings books & movies. Is it as good as any of The Lord of the Rings movies? Unfortunately, no. But did I enjoy it like I was a small child opening Christmas presents? Hell yeah. πŸ™‚

5. The Dark Knight Rises – 8/10

20121227-114830 PM.jpg
I’m pretty geeky (for a girl) and should be more into the Batman films than I am. Maybe it’s because I don’t like Christian Bale. Or because I just really couldn’t get into Batman Begins. The Dark Knight, however, was brilliant. All because of Heath Ledger for me (and many people, of course). So The Dark Knight Rises was never going to live up to that one but I still enjoyed it thoroughly and thought it was a good conclusion.

6. Untouchable – 8.5/10

20121227-114936 PM.jpg
It’s the French Shawshank Redemption. But not set in a prison. And one guy is in a wheelchair. And there’s comedy unlike in Shawshank. And it’s a true story. And, you know – they speak French. But, otherwise, it’s Shawshank! And considering that The Shawshank Redemption is the best film of ALL TIME, it means this movie is pretty damn good as well. Seriously, though, this is a very touching true story about male friendship between two people who are very different. It should probably be above The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises, to be honest. Not above the vulgar teddy bear but, still, I highly recommend this!

7. The Hunger Games – 8/10

20121227-115044 PM.jpg
Love love love the books. (Well, the first two at least). They did a decent job adapting the book. Of course things had to be left out and there wasn’t near as much character development but that’s to be expected (unless it’s done by Peter Jackson who would manage to make a short book 20 hours long). At least they didn’t change TOO much. And I think Jennifer Lawrence is perfect for the role.

8. Skyfall – 8/10

20121227-115144 PM.jpg
I should start by saying I’m not a Bond fan AT ALL. I’ve only seen maybe five Bond films and not one of those was even a Sean Connery one (Seriously! I’m so ashamed). So, as a non-Bond fan just enjoying a film where I’m not fully up on all I should know about the main character, I thought this was a great movie. I loved the emotion and serious nature of it and don’t think I’d go for the older, more light-hearted ones anyway. They’re more light-hearted, right? I should probably just shut up and watch some of them as I don’t know what I’m talking about. πŸ™‚

9. The Avengers – 7.5/10

20121227-115242 PM.jpg
Superheroes! Lots of them! Yay! Chris Hemsworth! BIG yay! Fun popcorn movie! Yay! Oscar worthy? No, but who cares! I’d have to say I probably prefer the Iron Man movies so far. But Chris Hemsworth isn’t in those…

10. Looper – 7.5/10

20121227-115326 PM.jpg
This movie is very ME. I love sci-fi. I love time travel. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt since 500 Days Of Summer (in a little brother kind of way). I had very high expectations so that probably didn’t help me being slightly disappointed. Plot holes (but when aren’t there in time travel movies?) and… something else that was missing from this movie (don’t know what!) brings this much further down the 2012 list than I was hoping it would be. :-/ It started out with almost Blade Runner-type potential. But, damn – it ended up being nowhere near the classic that is. My fault for wanting another Blade Runner masterpiece, probably! It was still a fun movie, though.

11. Prometheus – 7/10

Argh! I’m so upset! This was meant to be number ONE this year! This was meant to be a CLASSIC like the absolutely brilliant Alien & Aliens! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!!! But I can’t put it any further down the list or give it a lower rating than this because… Well, because of Alien & Aliens! Argh! Damn you, Prometheus! Damn you! (But, really, people were a BIT hard on Prometheus, don’t you think?) :-p

12. The Muppets – 7/10

The Muppets! And Amy Adams. Good enough for me! πŸ™‚

13. Chronicle – 7/10

Getting a little bored with the “super powers” thing but felt this was a pretty good and fairly original take on it. And sick of found footage! But it worked well with this movie.

14. Brave – 7/10

Pixar! I worship Pixar!!! Was therefore really hoping that Brave would be much higher than this. :-/ Still a much better animated movie than anything not done by Pixar, though! (Except Despicable Me) πŸ™‚ And still much better than the Cars movies, the only Pixar movies I don’t love. And Merida is a good addition to the Disney Princess merchandising mania.

15. Argo – 7/10

Probably deserves a higher rating but it all felt a little “flat” to me. For an extremely interesting and emotional true story, I wasn’t feeling the emotion for some reason. Plus, I think I have a thing against Ben Affleck. Love the story, though.

16. The Cabin in the Woods – 6/10

It’s definitely a love it or hate it. Saying that, though, I’d say I just found it average so I’m full of shit. But, hey – Chris Hemsworth again! He’s worth at least one additional point on the rating scale.

17. Snow White & The Huntsman – 6/10

This was better than I was expecting and I think it could have been even better if it hadn’t been for one HUGE mistake. Kristen Stewart! SO SO SO wrong for this role! Know who WAS perfect in this movie, though? That’s right – Chris Hemsworth! Oh yeah.

18. The Amazing Spider-Man – 6/10

Not actually that bad, but… What’s the point?? Do prefer Andrew Garfield to Tobey Maguire, though.

19. Frankenweenie – 6/10

Tim Burton – I’ve fallen out of love with him in recent years. This was better than some of his recent stuff. But it worked better as a short.

20. The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists! – 5.5/10


21. The Woman in Black – 5.5/10

Boo! *yawn*

22. The Descendants – 5.5/10

Why all the hype? Sideways was much better.

23. Red Lights – 5/10

My friend chose this. I’m never letting her choose the movie again.

24. Tinker Bell & the Secret of the Wings – 4.5/10

I SO didn’t choose this. And I already spent WAY too much time reviewing this in a separate post.

25. Sinister – 4/10


26. Ice Age 4 – 4/10

The first three aren’t TOO bad (for non-Pixar movies!). They should have stopped at three.

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