The Croods (2013) Review

I get a little snobby about animated kids films. If it’s not Pixar, I’m usually not all that interested. DreamWorks make okay animated films that are decent enough & a way to switch off for a couple of hours while your kids are entertained. I even find Shrek a little overrated. Shrek isn’t bad but … Continue reading

My Top Ten Nicolas Cage Movies

Haha! WTF? I got this picture HERE. I’m going to be CRUCIFIED for this list! So, in the spirit of Good Friday… Let’s do this. 😉 The fabulous Abbi of Where The Wild Things Are posted her Top Ten Nicolas Cage Roles (list HERE) and I was all “I don’t really like Nicolas Cage”. Then … Continue reading

Movie Reviews

MOVIE REVIEWS A-Z: Numbers: 10 Cloverfield Lane 10 Things I Hate About You 13 Going On 30 1917 1922 20th Century Women 21 Jump Street 22 Jump Street 2:22 3 Idiots The 400 Blows 5 Centimetres Per Second 50 First Dates 9 A: Abominable About Time Absentia Ace In The Hole (aka The Big Carnival) … Continue reading

Epic (2013) Review

Epic Directed by Chris Wedge Based on The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs by William Joyce Starring Voice Actors: Amanda Seyfried Colin Farrell Beyoncé Knowles Josh Hutcherson Christoph Waltz Aziz Ansari Chris O’Dowd Pitbull Jason Sudeikis Steven Tyler Music by Danny Elfman Studio: Blue Sky Studios 20th Century Fox Animation Plot (courtesy of … Continue reading

Ryan Gosling Project – The Place Beyond The Pines

I’ve just seen The Place Beyond The Pines. It’s good – I really enjoyed it. Will try to write a review soon(ish) when I get the time. But I figured I should update my Ryan Gosling Project (I’m planning to watch every movie he’s been in). Here’s every Ryan Gosling movie I’ve seen ranked in … Continue reading

Oblivion (2013) Review

Directed by Joseph Kosinski Starring: Tom Cruise Olga Kurylenko Andrea Riseborough Morgan Freeman Melissa Leo Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Plot: I’m being lazy & copying what’s below from Wikipedia. You can click on the link if you want to see more of the plot description but it tells you the plot of the entire movie. I think … Continue reading

2013 Movies

I figure this page is a good place to keep track of the movies I watch in 2013. I’ll update it whenever I watch another movie and I’ll list them in order of favorite to least favorite. I’ll also include the links for the ones I’ve reviewed. 2013 Releases Seen (UK release date): 1. Rush … Continue reading