Siri Warns Against Talking and Texting in Alamo Drafthouse’s Her-Themed PSA

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I love these Alamo Drafthouse PSAs about turning your phone off! I’m pretty sure I’d love Alamo Drafthouse – wish there was one in the UK! I’d go there alllllll the time. I also can’t wait for Her to come out in the UK. Why do we have to wait for everything??

Watch the Siri PSA here: SlashFilm

50 Greatest Mondo Horror Posters – Part 2

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This Shepard Fairey poster for They Live was already a favorite of mine (and a favorite movie of mine too). Love it.

Here’s the link to the 2nd set of 25 of the 50 greatest Mondo horror movie posters: FearNet

And my post with a link to the 1st set of 25: 50 Greatest Mondo Horror Posters – Part 1

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Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke Break the Fourth Wall in Don’t Talk or Text Alamo Drafthouse PSA

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Ha! I love it. But can’t they just throw their (empty) drinks at the heads of annoying teenage girls chatting, texting & giggling like my hubby does?? 😉

I can’t wait to see Before Midnight. I love Before Sunrise & Sunset – they’re one of my favorite romantic movie couples.

Link: SlashFilm

Mondo Releases Two Silence of the Lambs Posters Themed to New Wines

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These posters are excellent! The following is from SlashFilm:

The Alamo Drafthouse, in fact, has created two wines themed around the multiple Oscar-winning Jonathan Demme film, The Silence of the Lambs. There’s Hannibal Lecter’s “The Cannibal Chianti” and Buffalo Bill’s “Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio,” both of which are now on sale.

The posters were created by artist Caesar Moreno.

And here’s my confession: I don’t really like The Silence Of The Lambs. (Other than that Goodbye Horses song in it. I love that song. Cheesy goodness!) Discuss. 😉

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