Jonathan Levine’s All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Finally Gets Release Date

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I posted a while back that this movie will FINALLY be coming out in the US seven years after it was first released elsewhere. I saw it in the UK years ago and, although I’m not really a fan of horror these days, I thought it wasn’t too horrible compared to all the other crap out there. And Amber Heard is a hottie.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is set for a VOD release on September 6, followed by a limited theatrical run starting October 11.

Link to article & trailer here: SlashFilm

And Amber Heard falling out of her top a bit as Mandy Lane:

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Seven Years Later, The Weinstein Company Rebuys and Resurrects Mandy Lane

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Um, what? All The Boys Love Mandy Lane never came out in the US? I had no idea! It came out in the UK. Well, anyway, it looks like it’s now getting a theatrical release in the US (seven years later!).

Link to the full story here: Indiewire

Well, it gives me another chance to mention hot sexy Amber Heard, I guess! Since the words Amber Heard & shower scene seem to bring several people to my blog every week since my review for The Ward. 😉

As for All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, I actually thought it was one of the better horror films in recent years and am very surprised to find out that it never came out in the US. Now, I think 99% of mainstream horror films “these days” suck (meaning I’ve liked very few since the 70s & 80s other than some very good foreign ones). So I may not be the best judge on current horror but I thought this one was slightly more original than some recent ones and had that slight “cult” feel to it that I tend to go for. It’s certainly no masterpiece but I’d recommend it to any horror fans, especially of the geekier, film-loving, blogging variety (the best kind!). Hey, this has kind of turned into a mini-review.

My Rating: 6/10

Here’s a few photos from the movie. Amber Heard really was pretty in this one.
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