Banksy’s Art Reimagined in LEGO

20140603-124958 am-2998810.jpg

OMG – LOVE these! I love Banksy. Living in the UK, I have fond memories of going on a “Banksy Tour” around London & seeing a lot of his art. What a shame that some had been painted over – such as the one represented above. I also thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating Banksy film Exit Through The Gift Shop – I reviewed that HERE. Oh, and I also reviewed the awesome Lego Movie HERE. 😉

Anyway – to see the rest of the 20
fantastic Banksy LEGO creations from photographer Jeff Friesen, you can follow this link: The Brick Fantastic.

20140603-125650 am-3410417.jpg

And I’ll again share the best photo I got on my “Banksy Tour” – The Grin Reaper.

20140603-010347 am-3827106.jpg