Music Video Friday: Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

Continuing what is my least popular series so far, today’s music video is D.A.N.C.E. by Justice. Lol 😉

I don’t like a lot of current music but there are four albums I’ve loved above all others in the 21st Century. Okay – I’m totally cheating as one was released in 1998 but that’s still my definition of current. That one is Psyence Fiction by UNKLE and I really wanted to share the video for Rabbit In Your Headlights but I can’t find a full version to share (it’s probably banned). I’ll bore you all with my thoughts on the brilliant Psyence Fiction another day – I promise! Another one of the four is the much more current Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. I doubt I need to go into that one – some of you will already be fans (check out my review of their movie Electroma HERE. Woohoo!).

Finally, the other two albums of the new millennium that I can’t live without are two albums from French duo Justice. One is the pretentiously named (well, “symboled”? it’s a cross symbol…) album sometimes just called Cross & the other is Audio, Video, Disco. Here are the album covers:

(No, it’s not Christian rock)

Justice were at one point rumored to actually be Daft Punk & I can see why as it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Daft Punk making the music on their albums. Wikipedia lists “Electro house, electronica, nu-disco, electroclash, electronic rock, alternative dance” as the band’s genres. There’s a mouthful! I love their music as it really is a mish-mash of styles. The video I’ve chosen is for a song that was actually a hit (although less so than I thought – it looks like the D.A.N.C.E. single only got to number 48 in the UK charts in 2007 but did reach number 1 in the dance chart). However, it’s very unlike their far less radio-friendly songs. Their other hit single, We Are Your Friends, was a remix of Simian song Never Be Alone (and far better than the original). My personal favorite song is definitely On’N’On but I can’t post that because of the nudity in the video. I also highly recommend checking out their video for New Lands, which was clearly inspired by the 1975 film Rollerball. (Someone please click on that! It’s more me than D.A.N.C.E. but I’m going with the more commercial one for this post). 😉

I’ve rambled on about Justice for long enough so I’m going to just let Wikipedia tell you about the below video:

The music video for “D.A.N.C.E.” was shot by French directorial duo Jonas & François with animation by So Me. The video was nominated for the 2007 MTV Video Music Award “Video of the Year”; while winning the award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The music video is shot in the style of pop art. In the video, Augé and de Rosnay walk and the images of their T-shirts constantly change and morph (cars, mouths, thunderbolts, lollipops, numbers, letters and the lyrics). The video includes a reference to the song “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles.

I love all the references to Michael Jackson songs in D.A.N.C.E. – this is a great dance tune that should’ve been a bigger hit:

*UK chart information from Wikipedia

Music Video Friday: Kiesza – Hideaway

With a lack of IMDB guest reviews to post on Tuesdays after next week, I need another “easy post” day. So… How about “Music Video Friday“? 😉

For now I’ll try to do my own IMDB Top 250 reviews on Tuesdays sometimes (which would be good anyway as I’ve become too lazy on that while I had guest reviews to post). That will take up more of my time, though, so on Fridays (for now) I’ll post music videos that I like. I’ve been meaning to do a list of My Top Ten Music Videos for a while (I still might) but when I attempted working on the list, I had well over 50. So I thought it might be fun to just highlight one that I like each week. 

This week’s video is Hideaway by Kiesza, which is a song from a year ago that I’ve kept on my iPod as it’s a great, upbeat song that’s good for the walk to work or while working out. I know “dance” music is much bigger in the UK and this song debuted in the charts here at number one in April 2014 while doing hardly a thing in America & only reaching 51. Do any Americans here know it? I think the video was really popular. 

Anyway! I rarely listen to the radio & my iPod has been filled with the same Seventies & Eighties songs for years. So it’s very likely that this will be one of the most current videos that I post on a Friday but I’ll do my best to not bore you twentysomethings with too much of my “old people music”. 😉

Filmed in one single shot in the streets of Brooklyn, it’s obvious that Kiesza has been very influenced by early Nineties dance & hip-hop (which is probably why I like it). I dig the retro outfit, dancing, and graffiti & like seeing the cab slowly pulling up in the background at the end to get the timing right. Good video & song – there aren’t really enough of those these days! 

**Music chart & video information from Wikipedia