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I’m a useless movie blogger. I watch the movies but don’t get around to writing about them! The “watching” part is easy. 😉 So I’ll at least do a short review for Flight, which I watched a few days ago.

My hubby thinks I have a thing for Denzel Washington because I always seem to want to watch a movie if he’s in it. I really don’t have a thing for him – I just know that you’re guaranteed to get a good solid performance from him every time. He’s a good actor and once again, in Flight, he doesn’t disappoint.

It’s true that Flight is the best thing Robert Zemeckis has done in quite a while. It’s certainly no Back To The Future (what is? hard one to live up to!) but is more along the lines of Cast Away and I’m not sure which one I prefer of the two. I think Cast Away will probably be the one more people would remember ten years after seeing it. This is how I often judge a movie – would I remember much about it ten years after seeing it if I didn’t watch it again in that time? I think too many movies don’t pass this test.

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Flight, as I think everyone knows by now, follows a pilot’s continuing struggle with drugs & alcohol after he becomes a hero for miraculously landing a plane that falls apart, even though he had been drinking & doing cocaine before getting on the plane. So, it’s obviously a serious subject matter & Denzel does a great job (like I said – as to be expected from him!). Also thought the main actress, Kelly Reilly, did a good job as an addict he meets while he’s in the hospital after the crash. I did also enjoy John Goodman as Denzel’s drug dealer – he provides some comic relief in a movie that is otherwise quite serious. I know a few people didn’t like the bits with John Goodman and I can see how his character could maybe throw you out of the movie a little bit but I didn’t mind him.The main thing that annoyed me about him was that he kept listening to The Rolling Stones. I’m a Beatles girl! It felt like a Scorsese movie with all the Rolling Stones & classic 70’s rock. 😉 The music choices in this movie seemed too obvious & unoriginal. Good classic rock, yes, but certainly no surprises!

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So, overall, Flight is a good movie with some good performances, especially Denzel’s. I’d recommend it to anyone BUT I don’t exactly think it’s going to change the world or anything. It’s a bit deeper & more serious than most blockbusters these days but I’d say it’s still what I like to call a “popcorn movie” – fairly simple, light entertainment. But a little more grown-up than some…

My Rating: 7/10

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