Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo (Studio Ghibli Live Action Short)


I don’t have another Studio Ghibli review ready for today so I figured I’d re-post the link to Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo, a great live action short from Studio Ghibli. It was directed by Higuchi Shinji and the god warrior was designed by Hayao Miyazaki. I posted this in the first few months of my blog two years ago so I don’t think it got many views. It’s well worth a watch for any fans of Ghibli and/or Japanese monster movies. Having just watched and reviewed the amazing Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind (review HERE), I was reminded of this short as it features a God Warrior like those in Nausicaä.

You can see the full short film at this link (FYI – it’s in Japanese with no subtitles but you get to see a monster destroying stuff so it’s cool):

Studio Ghibli Live Action Short – Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo

20130426-125817 AM.jpg
Awesome! Studio Ghibli have done a live action short film – Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo. I would love to see Studio Ghibli do a full length live action film.

Link to article with a bit of information about the short: GeekTyrant

Another link with the video: It’s Art