My Top Ten Horror Comedies 

I love a good horror comedy! Horror isn’t exactly my favorite genre, especially in recent years, but horror comedy is something that I really enjoy when a film gets the balance right.

With this list, I found it even harder to define “horror comedy” than I did to define “body horror” for last week’s top ten. This time, I won’t bore you all with a rambling explanation of why I’ve excluded certain movies – I’ll just list those at the end. This time, I’ll get straight to my list.

So here are My Top Ten Horror Comedies, counting down to my favorite:

**New additions to this Top Ten as of October 2017: The Final Girls, Trick ‘r Treat, Hausu, and The Babysitter. But I don’t want to take any out, so… Sorry for all the “ties”!

10. TIE: Zombieland & Warm Bodies & The Final Girls

9. TIE: Grabbers & Tremors

8. Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

7. Night Of The Creeps

6. Fright Night

5. Shaun Of The Dead

4. Night Of The Comet

3. An American Werewolf In London

2. The Return Of The Living Dead

1. Gremlins

Honorable Mentions:
– Gremlins 2: The New Batch
– Creepshow
Dead Snow
– The Cabin In The Woods
– Killer Klowns From Outer Space
– Black Sheep
– Teeth
– Eight Legged Freaks
What We Do In The Shadows
The Babysitter (2017)
House (Hausu) (1977) (probably Top Ten material but I’ve added to this list too much)
Trick ‘r Treat (2007) (this also probably actually just makes it into my Top Ten but I already have way more than ten in my Top Ten…) 😉

Ones I’ve Excluded:

Some of my top ten are iffy & I’m not sure if I’d really consider all of them horror comedies. Oh well – I didn’t want to stress about it! I worked off of this list at Wikipedia but there were some that I really didn’t agree with so these are the ones that I excluded. I love these! Just don’t consider them horror comedies…

Ghostbusters (excellent, funny movie. horror, though? no. just be happy that I included Gremlins – I think that one is very borderline on the “horror” too)
The Lost Boys (hubby & I disagreed on this one – he said it’s not horror & I said it’s not comedy. whatever it is, it’s still a favorite of mine)
The ‘Burbs (just a comedy)
Phantom Of The Paradise (no. why does Wikipedia consider this a horror comedy?)
Beetlejuice (not really a “horror”)
Slither (it’s great but I put it on last week’s list – it is a horror comedy but I still think of it more as a body horror)

Grabbers (2012) Review for Halloween Horror Fest

20131101-124146 am.jpg
Grabbers (2012)

Directed by Jon Wright

Richard Coyle
Ruth Bradley
Russell Tovey
Lalor Roddy
David Pearse
Bronagh Gallagher
Pascal Scott
Ned Dennehy
Clelia Murphy
Louis Dempsey
Stuart Graham
Micheál Ó Gruagáin

Running time: 94 minutes

Plot Synopsis: (via Wikipedia)
An idyllic remote Irish island is invaded by enormous bloodsucking tentacled creatures from the sea. With islanders turning up decapitated and drained of blood, the inhabitants learn that the creatures—called Grabbers—are allergic to alcohol, making intoxicated people toxic to eat. Overrun and under attack, the hopeless locals realise that to stay alive through a storm that’s keeping everyone trapped on the island, they’re going to have to band together at the pub and do their best to survive the night.

20131101-124521 am.jpg
My Opinion:

Finally! My last review for Halloween Horror Fest. I’ll do a recap at the end of the review. I had liked the sound of this movie when I first heard about it then decided I really needed to watch it after reading Eric’s positive review at The IPC HERE.

20131101-124858 am.jpg
I really enjoyed this! This was my second favorite one that I watched for my little horror movie project (after The Descent). I’m not great with a lot of horror movies, especially these days. I can’t take loads of gore and I just rarely like any horror movies anymore. What I do often like, though, are the comedy ones. I watched Tucker And Dale Vs Evil a while back and I loved it (review HERE). Grabbers is hilarious and was a lot of fun to watch.

20131101-125104 am.jpg
It starts out a little slow which I had no problem with but the hubby was a little bored (we’ve decided I should call him Mista Mutant although I liked the option of Parrota Conchita Alonso). Anyway, don’t listen to Mista Mutant – I liked the slow setup and getting to know the characters, especially as we’re rewarded at the end when they’re all in the pub getting drunk and trying to survive the night. Loved all that!

20131101-125200 am.jpg
I’m keeping this short because, quite frankly, I’m exhausted. So just watch this if you like comedy horrors, yeah? It’s freaking hilarious, especially at the end when the extremely drunk female lead delivers the PERFECT Aliens spoof line of dialogue. That was possibly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages and very few things make me laugh because I’m a grumpy old woman.

20131101-125235 am.jpg
Grabbers takes a simple yet brilliant concept and executes is very well. And the characters are GREAT! I liked all of them which, unfortunately, doesn’t happen often enough in movies. They were all so likeable and funny and the romance was quite sweet and the kiss was great and the creatures were cool and the drunk old guy was a riot and everyone was funny as hell at the end when they’re all extremely pissed (or drunk as you’d say in America). Really fun movie! 🙂

My Rating: 7.5/10

20131101-125314 am.jpg

Halloween Horror Fest Recap:

Here are the links to the films that I watched (from my favorite to least favorite because I’m anal like that):

The Descent (8/10)
Grabbers (7.5/10)
The Innkeepers (7.5/10)
ParaNorman (7.5/10)
Nosferatu (1922) (7.5/10)
Sisters (7/10)
From Beyond (6/10)
Berberian Sound Studio (6.5/10)
Dog Soldiers (5.5/10)
Insidious (5/10)
Pitch Black (5.5/10)

Halloween Horror Fest

I’m sure a lot of bloggers will be doing something similar in the run up to Halloween. I’ve really gone off horror films the past several years as I’ve found modern horror, other than some foreign film exceptions, a major disappointment. So through October I’ll try to watch & do as many reviews of horror movies as I can.

What I’d really like to do when (and if I ever) have enough time is ask for film recommendations from all of you. But I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone if I don’t have time to watch their films so, in the meantime, I’ve chosen some horror films that I’ve already discussed with fellow bloggers or I liked the sound of after reading their reviews. So these are the films I’ll (try very hard to!) review throughout October for my Halloween Horror Fest:

20131001-051646 pm.jpg
The Descent – Kim at Tranquil Dreams gave this a very positive review HERE

20131001-052005 pm.jpg
Insidious – Reviewed by Celluloid Junkie HERE and an Insidious 2 review from Silver Screen Serenade HERE

20131001-053122 pm.jpg
ParaNorman – Reviewed by Abbi of Where The Wild Things Are HERE

20131001-053848 pm.jpg
Grabbers – Reviewed by Eric of The IPC HERE

20131001-054142 pm.jpg
Berberian Sound Studio – Despite a disappointing review from Rhino’s Horror HERE, I still want to see this.

20131001-054449 pm.jpg
Pitch Black – Quite a few reviews of this with Riddick having just come out. I never made a start on these as I’m not a Vin Diesel fan but I suppose I can give this a go. Pitch Black reviewed by MovieRob HERE and by Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews HERE plus a Riddick review from Gregory Moss at Mossfilm HERE.

20131001-055231 pm.jpg
Dog Soldiers – If I get time & if I actually like The Descent. Review from Vinnieh HERE. 🙂

Plus I’ll review these which I’ve seen very recently but not yet reviewed:

From Beyond
Nosferatu (1922)
Sisters (AKA Blood Sisters)
The Innkeepers
(In the middle of watching this, I actually paused to look it up at The IPC to see if Eric had reviewed it. Yep! And, luckily, he liked it. You can read his review HERE.)

And Maybe:
High Tension (AKA Switchblade Romance) if I manage to actually force myself to watch it….