Music Video Friday: Daft Punk – Instant Crush

I’m hoping to see lots of reviews for The Force Awakens on the blogs today! I reviewed it yesterday (review HERE) and am looking forward to seeing what those of you in America thought of it. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a quickie post for Music Video Friday: Instant Crush by Daft Punk featuring Julian Casablancas.

I’ve talked quite often on this blog of my love for Daft Punk (especially in my review for their movie Electroma) so it’s about time I feature them for Music Video Friday. I know they have a lot of famous videos in which my two favorite musical robots are heavily featured but I decided to go with Instant Crush, featuring Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. The only sign of Daft Punk is when we glance their dusty helmets on a shelf (photo above). I’ve chosen this as I really really really (really!) love this song. Instant Crush was an instant classic for me and I know I’ll still be listening to it years from now.

I didn’t see the video until after falling in love with the song and, at first, I wasn’t happy that I’d watched it. When you love a song, you sometimes don’t want images added into your head and I now often picture a wax Julian Casablancas when I hear it. I already liked the song as the simple story of a crush. According to Wikipedia, Casablancas wrote the lyrics after Daft Punk told him their concept for the song, which “involved reflecting on the childhood memory of meeting a girl, but missing the opportunity to be with her.

The video has grown on me, though, and I found out from the above Wikipedia link that the video is “inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Steadfast Tin Soldier as well as The Twilight Zone television series.” Well, I’ve always loved The Twilight Zone and I looked into the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale & the video very much follows that story at the end. It’s a great fairy tale – I wonder why it’s not as well known as his other stories. Maybe because it’s MORBID! Well, what can I say? I’ve always loved a tragic romance! I actually appreciate the video much more now that I know the story of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. It’s incredibly romantic! In a depressing sort of way….