Music Video Friday: Radiohead – Just

This week’s music video is Just by Radiohead.

Radiohead is easily one of my very favorite bands. Wait – I lie a little… Old school Radiohead is easily one of my very favorite bands. I liked some of their stuff that came later and of course Creep which came before but nothing will ever beat the albums The Bends & OK Computer. If I could only take one to a desert island, I suppose I’d have to go with OK Computer as it has my two absolute favorite songs (Paranoid Android & Karma Police) but I think The Bends has a lot more good songs overall (such as Just).

This isn’t the first time I’ll be posting a Radiohead video on a Friday as they have so many good ones (I’ve linked to a few others above) but I thought I’d start with Just as I always found the video’s “story” bizarrely fascinating.

I like videos that you can interpret in different ways & I always thought this one was about depression. However, reading about it for this post, there are all kinds of different interpretations so I guess it’s up to you to decide (have a look online – this video gets discussed a lot). Is it that we’re all sheep & will follow anyone if they say the right thing? That seems especially relevant in this day & age… I can’t for the life of me find where I read it to get the exact words but singer Thom Yorke said something about it being about the dangers of human curiosity.

Well, whatever your interpretation, we’ll never really know what happens at the end. Can you imagine anyone getting away with making this video nowadays? It wouldn’t work. I so miss the creativity we used to get in music videos like this one. By the way, this video was directed by Jamie Thraves and he’s done a lot of other videos that you can see a list of HERE. I think Just remains his finest.