Music Video Friday: Kim Wilde – Kids In America 

This week’s music video is Kim Wilde’s Kids In America. Why? No reason, really. I just like the song. It’s so gloriously 1981 (or 1982 when released in America).

I find it weird that I never even knew this song until I moved to the UK over a decade ago & I wondered if it had not been released in America. So I of course looked it up on Wikipedia and saw that it got to number 25 on the US Billboard Hot 100 (it got to number 2 in the UK). So… I dunno. I think it just never made it to the radio in my little hick town! Which is a shame as I’d have loved it at the time. 

So, while it doesn’t exactly have the nostalgia for me, I still think it’s a great, pure 80’s pop song. And it’s one of my daughter’s favorites to play with me on Just Dance on the Wii. 😉 The video is pretty bland, though! Here you go…