Les Miserables

20130129-032405 PM.jpg
Just saw Les Miserables. My mascara was a mess by the time it finished. Everyone was crying & sniffling. Someone even clapped. I had to get to the bathroom quick to fix my mess of a face.

You’re thinking “Wow – she was really moved!”. Not exactly. My hubby leaned over & cracked a joke at an inappropriate time about 30 minutes before the end and I spent the final half hour trying to suppress a massive giggling fit and wiping away tears of laughter while surrounded by people who were taking the movie very seriously. So, thanks hubby! At least you made Les Miserables less miserable for me. 😉

Don’t you think the girl in the poster looks a bit like Dawn Of The Dead girl?

20130129-032542 PM.jpg
That’s what this movie needed – Zombies! Would have been more fun. Also needed a Scooby Doo ending, as my hubby pointed out half an hour before the end.

My Les Miserables haiku:

They sing and they cry
Die and still sing! This needs a
Scooby Doo ending

20130129-033050 PM.jpg
My Rating: 6.5/10