Music Video Friday: Sigala – Easy Love

This week’s music video is the super catchy, Jackson 5 sampling Easy Love by Sigala.

First of all, I like this song because who doesn’t like ABC by The Jackson 5? People with no souls, that’s who! It’s a brilliant song & I love how it’s used in Easy Love. But I want to talk more about the video…

My six-year-old is very interested in music and, lately, has been watching more & more music videos. Which is great! However, I hate how so many of them are completely inappropriate. The biggest problem is how often music videos contain very scantily clad women setting very bad examples for young girls. I’d have to say that my husband gets even more angry at this than I do. After one video in which a very pretty model-type did nothing but stand around looking all pouty & sexy, my hubby told our daughter that the girl is probably a scientist trying to find a cure for cancer but sometimes, for fun, she likes to put on pretty clothes & dance. (The video was How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris. Good song & certainly not the most offensive video ever – just a bit pointless. It’s not like it’s Blurred Lines. Don’t even get me started on that…).

Anyway, what a relief it was when I first saw the cute & very kid-friendly Sigala video. It was also nice to not have to hastily turn the channel for a change! The video features two kids who go around the city having “dance offs” with various other groups of kids.

Here’s a bit of info from Wikipedia:

Shot in Los Angeles, the video features the Canadian/Filipino dancing duo Lucky Aces, whose appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show caught the attention of the video’s producer, who cast the act in the video.

And here’s the video. It makes me smile. 🙂