Happy Birthday to Charlie Chaplin

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At the beginning of the year, I decided to start my IMDB Top 250 Challenge. The plan is to watch all of the Top 250 movies at IMDB and as I’d already seen 150 I figured I could manage to watch the rest. Eventually…!

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Anyway, I started with the Alfred Hitchcock movies I hadn’t yet seen as I was already a big Hitchcock fan. And there are also a lot of Studio Ghibli films in the 250 and I’ve really enjoyed the few that I’ve watched so far and can’t wait to see the rest. However, my biggest “new to me” discovery was Charlie Chaplin. I first watched Modern Times then City Lights and then The Kid. They are BRILLIANT. By far the greatest movies I’ve seen in a long time & they’re now in my list of all-time favorites. I can’t recommend them enough and if, like I had, you’ve waited years to check out some Chaplin I suggest you do so now. πŸ™‚

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I reviewed the three I’ve watched so far so I’ll include the links here if you want to check them out. I say very little about Modern Times as I didn’t feel I knew enough about Chaplin at that point but say a bit more about it in the other reviews.

Modern Times review

City Lights review

The Kid review

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Charles Spencer Chaplin
16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977

IMDB Top 250 Challenge – Movie #1 – Modern Times

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Modern Times (1936) – IMDB Rank #45

So I started my 2013 challenge of watching IMDB’s top 250 movies that I haven’t yet seen by watching a movie at midnight on 01/01/13. How’s that for commitment?! And insomnia…

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never watched a Charlie Chaplin movie. You would think that after absolutely loving The Artist I would have explored the silent era a bit. I also watched the Robert Downey Jr Chaplin movie years ago and found it fascinating so would like to revisit that once I’ve worked my way through the Chaplin films.

I’m not sure how to review Modern Times. I think I’m not going to say a lot at this point as silent era movies are something I know absolutely nothing about and I would feel weird talking about something of which I have zero knowledge.

Did I like it? I loved it! I want to go out and buy the entire Charlie Chaplin collection now – I chose Modern Times as it’s the only one I already owned. It’s the second highest rated Chaplin movie on the IMDB list so I assume I’ve started with a good one. I’m really looking forward to watching the rest now. Then maybe I’d be able to say a little more about them. πŸ™‚

My Rating: 9/10

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