My Top Ten David Cronenberg Movies

Happy 75th Birthday To David Cronenberg.

I love Cronenberg’s older films but have to admit I’ve seen very few of his films from more recent years. I preferred the really weird shit he used to do. The good old-fashioned body horror days! Which is weird, as I’m a mega wuss when it comes to violence in movies. But I love a good body horror (from the days when the special effects were pretty dodgy looking). Most of his films make the list of My Top Ten Body Horror Movies.

Counting down to my favorite, here are My Top Ten David Cronenberg Movies:

11. Dead Ringers (don’t remember this well now)

Top Ten:

10. Crash

9. A History Of Violence

8. Rabid

7. Shivers

6. Scanners

5. The Dead Zone

4. Videodrome

3. eXistenZ

2. The Brood

1. The Fly

Movies I’ve Not Seen:

Stereo, Crimes Of The Future, Fast Company, Naked Lunch, M. Butterfly, Spider, Eastern Promises, A Dangerous Method, Cosmopolis, Maps To The Stars

My Top Ten Body Horror Movies


This list wasn’t easy to create as it was hard deciding what movies I consider to be part of the “body horror” subgenre. While researching this to get an idea of what movies most often tend to be considered body horror, I also managed to see enough gory images to last me a lifetime. Yikes. Guess my love of the David-Cronenberg-style of body horror is pretty tame & mainstream stuff!

First of all, I’ll give you Wikipedia’s definition:

Body horror is horror fiction in which the horror is principally derived from the graphic destruction or degeneration of the body. Such works may deal with decay, disease, parasitism, mutation, or mutilation. Other types of body horror include unnatural movements, or the anatomically incorrect placement of limbs to create “monsters” from human body parts. David Cronenberg, Frank Henenlotter, Brian Yuzna, Stuart Gordon, Lloyd Kaufman, and Clive Barker are notable directors of this genre.

I totally agree with the directors listed by Wikipedia – their films are the exact ones I’ve always had in mind when I’ve heard the term “Body Horror”.

Here’s a boring, rambling bit that no one has to read: It’s become a little joke with my hubby that my top ten lists often come with rules that exclude the Alien series of films (for the record, I think the first two films are pretty much the greatest things ever created & they’d top every list if I always included them). Such as, I don’t count them as “horror” so always say they don’t count in any “horror” lists that I do. Well, I’m once again not including Alien/Aliens as, while what happens to the body falls into the “body horror” definition, the body horror aspect is not the main focus of those films. The one other questionable one is John Carpenter’s The Thing and I went back & forth on whether to include it. The body horror is focused on much more than in the Alien films but it’s once again not the main focus. Plus, it seems too good to be included with the likes of the other movies on my list. Well, I’ve included it mainly so people don’t yell at me but it means it’s my number one by far. 😉

What I’ve Not Seen:

I’ll also point out that I’ve of course only seen a handful of “Body Horror” movies so, if I’ve not seen them, they won’t be on the list. I had wanted to do a body horror week but just haven’t had the time to get anything watched for it other than Cronenberg’s Shivers & Rabid. Maybe next October – I can always update this list! Most films in this genre are really too gross for me (I like my gore old & quite fake-looking) but the two I had really hoped to see before making this list were Altered States & Tetsuo: The Iron Man. So don’t ask why they (and the Alien films) are not on the list!!!!! (Someone will as no one reads these damn intros). 😉

**Edit to say I’ve now seen Altered States as of September 2017. My review is HERE. It doesn’t quite make my top ten (it’s not actually “body horror” enough). And I’ve now seen Tetsuo: The Iron Man, which also doesn’t make this list. Review HERE.

Enough blathering! Here are MY Top Ten Body Horror Movies counting down to my favorite:

10. TIE: From Beyond & Re-Animator

9. Basket Case

8. TIE: The Brood & Scanners

7. Night Of The Creeps

6. Videodrome

5. eXistenZ

4. Society

3. Slither

2. The Fly (1986)

1. The Thing (1982)

Honorable Mentions:
The Evil Dead
The Toxic Avenger
Altered States
Tetsuo: The Iron Man

I’ve Not Seen:

Rubber (2010) Review

20130828-062343 PM.jpg

Directed & Written by Quentin Dupieux (Mr Oizo)

Stephen Spinella as Lieutenant Chad
Jack Plotnick as Accountant
Roxane Mesquida as Sheila
Wings Hauser as Man in Wheelchair
Ethan Cohn as Movie Buff Ethan
Charley Koontz as Movie Buff Charley
Hayley Holmes as Cindy
Haley Ramm as Fiona
Daniel Quinn as Dad
Devin Brochu as Son
Tara Jean O’Brien as Martina the Cleaning Lady
David Bowe as Mr. Hugues
Remy Thorne as Zach
Cecelia Antoinette as Woman
Thomas F. Duffy as Deputy Xavier
Blake Robbins as Deputy Luke
Pete Dicecco as Deputy Pete
Courtenay Taylor as Deputy Denise
James Parks as Deputy Doug
Gaspard Augé as Hitchhiker
Pedro Winter as Tyre Burner
Robert the Tire as Himself

Plot Synopsis (and cast info via Wikipedia):

Rubber is a 2010 French comedy film about a tire that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers.

20130828-062935 PM.jpg
My Opinion:

For the sake of this review, I’m using the American spelling of TIRE instead of TYRE. And, yeah – the only thing you need to know about the “plot” is that a tire comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers. Scanners-style. And the film is in English even though it’s French.

You’ll like this film or you’ll hate it. Most of you, my fellow movie-blogging buddies, will probably like it. My real-life buddies, who aren’t movie-obsessed geeks and already look at me like I’m mental when I try to discuss anything other than mainstream films, would probably stop talking to me forever if I actually recommended this film to them. Actually, I would be quite happy to have several people in my life stop talking to me so I’m going to recommend Rubber to them now.


What else?


Screw it.

Rubber. It’s a movie about a killer tire.

And I liked it!

No reason.

Here’s my rating and some pictures!

My Rating: 7.5/10

20130828-063150 PM.jpg

20130828-063200 PM.jpg

20130828-063208 PM.jpg

20130828-063215 PM.jpg
See where it ranks: Movies I’ve seen in 2013 🙂