Spock Riding a Flying Unicorn Over a Rainbow

20140208-040921 am.jpg
What?! Lol. It’s like this was created especially for you & me, Eric. 😉

I actually had a poster almost EXACTLY like this hanging above my bed as a kid. Minus the Spock. This was created by artist Tim O’Brien. Link here: GeekTyrant

Spock is Ready to Ditch Star Trek For Star Wars: Episode 7

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Below is from the following link: ScreenCrush

When asked in an interview if he’d want to be in the next Star Wars movie & work with JJ Abrams again, Leonard Nimoy had this to say:

Oooh. Ooooh, wouldn’t that be fun. I would love to. I think it would work wonderfully. I think it would work just great. I think it would be a great idea, and somebody ought to tell him that.

Because, you see, Leonard Nimoy knows that, while Star Trek IS very good, it will never compare to the genius of the original Star Wars trilogy… *just seeing if anyone takes the bait. Lol. It’s true, though.* 😉