Top Tens

I’ve been doing Top Ten Lists on my blog for almost three years now so have finally decided that I should put them all together on one page. This page is a work in progress as I’ll have to go through my blog & get all the links for all my Top Tens, which will take ages as I’ve done loads. For now, these are my most recent Top Ten lists from the last couple of months. Hope you enjoy them! They’re always fun to put together. 🙂

All my Top Ten lists are based on what I consider to be my own, personal favorites for each topic. I’ve divided the below lists into mainly Movies & Music for now – more categories may later be added.

Movie-Related Lists:

Top Ten Carpets & Rugs In Movies

Top Ten Movie Musicals

Top Ten Swimming Pool Scenes In Movies

Top Ten Stand By Me Insults

Top Ten Drummers In Movies

Top Ten Movies With Song Title Titles

Top Ten Movie Fruits & Vegetables

Top Ten Number Movies

Top Ten Toilet Scenes In Movies

Top Ten Horror Movie Quotes

Top Ten Body Horror Movies

Top Ten Horror Comedies

Top Ten Nightmare On Elm Street Deaths

Top Ten Movies That Are 90 Minutes Or Less

Top Ten Christmas Movies

Top Ten Movies Of 2015

Top Ten Movies Watched At Home In 2015

Top Ten Best Picture Oscar Winners (And Bottom Five!)

Top Ten Hats In Movies

Top Ten Period (as in menstruation) Scenes In Movies

Top Ten Movies With Different Titles Outside The U.S.

Top Ten Movies With Colors In The Title

Top Ten Roller Coaster Scenes In Movies

Top Ten Video Game Movies

Top Ten Movie Presidents

Ten Most Hated Movies Since Starting This Blog

Top Ten DJs/Disc Jockeys In Movies

Top Ten Crazy Ladies In Movies

Top Ten Horror Movie Scores & Soundtracks

Top Ten Creepy Dolls In Movies & Television

Top Ten Horror Movies Of The 21st Century

Top Ten 2015 Movie Releases

Top Ten Movies Watched At Home In 2015

Top Ten 2016 Movie Releases

Top Ten Movies Watched At Home In 2016

Top Ten 2016 Blind Spot Movies

Actor/Actress/Director Lists:

Top Ten Paul Rudd Movies

Top Ten John Carpenter Movies

Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Top Ten Amy Adams Movies

Top Ten Kelly Jo Minter Movies

Top Ten Sam Rockwell Movies

Top Ten Ryan Gosling Movies

Top Ten Alan Rickman Movies

Top Ten Diane Lane Movies

Top Ten Jennifer Jason Leigh Movies

Top Ten Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Top Ten Matt Damon Movies

Top Ten Francis Ford & Sofia Coppola Movies

Top Ten Patricia Arquette Movies

Top Ten Jack Nicholson Movies

Top Ten Rob Lowe Movies

Top Ten Helena Bonham Carter Movies

Top Ten Clint Eastwood Movies

Top Ten Tom Hanks Movies

Top Ten Harry Dean Stanton Movies

Top Ten Kevin Spacey Movies

Top Ten Wooden Movie Actors/Characters

Top Ten Celebrities With Color Names

Top Ten Christian Slater Movies

Top Ten Tim Burton Movies

Top Ten Keanu Reeves Movies

Top Ten Adam Sandler Movies

Top Ten Patrick Swayze Movies

Top Ten Michael Douglas Movies

Top Ten Robert Duvall Movies

Top Ten John Hurt Movies

Top Ten Emily Blunt Movies

Top Ten Bill Paxton Movies

Top Ten Ron Howard Movies

Top Ten Clint Howard Movies

Top Ten Ewan McGregor Movies

Top Ten Gary Oldman Movies

Top Ten Kurt Russell Movies

Top Ten John Ratzenberger Movies

Top Ten William Sadler Movies

Top Ten Al Pacino Movies

Music-Related Lists:

Top Ten Band Names

Top Ten Happy Songs

Top Ten Songs Where The Title Isn’t In The Lyrics

Top Ten Devil & Hell Songs

Top Ten Christmas Songs

Top Ten Songs With Colors In The Title

Top Ten Songs That Are Actually About Sex

Music Artist Lists:

Top Ten Black Sabbath Songs

Top Ten David Bowie Songs

Top Ten Iron Maiden Songs

Top Ten Madonna Songs

Top Ten Foo Fighters Songs


My Top Ten Chocolate Bars

Top Ten Books Read In 2015

Top Ten Books Read In 2016

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