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I love music as much as I love movies but I don’t have time to write about both. 70’s & 80’s music will always be my favorite. Rock, metal, electronic, trip hop, 80’s pop… I like most any genre other than country. A good song is a good song.

Some of my favorite artists:

Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Daft Punk
David Bowie
The Cure
The Chemical Brothers
David Byrne/Talking Heads
The Beatles
Foo Fighters
Jimi Hendrix
Led Zeppelin
The Black Keys
Royal Blood
Peter Gabriel
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Metallica (the old school stuff)
John Lydon/PiL/Sex Pistols
Iggy Pop
Electric Light Orchestra
The White Stripes
Massive Attack
Tame Impala
The Clash
New Order

Okay – I’ll quit listing bands for now. I know I’ve left a lot of stuff out…

19 thoughts on “Top Music

  1. Okay…I have to add my two cents…. Some favorites:
    Pink Floyd
    Touch (1968)
    Rolling Stones

    Tom Waits
    Boz Scaggs
    Frank Zappa
    Joe Bonamassa
    Gary Moore

    Kate Bush
    Beth Hart
    Kathi McDonald
    Bonnie Raitt

    • Cool! I love when people actually comment on this page. No one seems to look at the pages! Wow – quite a few I’ve never even heard of here! I do love The Beatles. 🙂 Also, Gary Moore & sometimes Kate Bush when she isn’t screeching too much. Lol. (I love This Woman’s Work). I went through a massive phase of being a Pink Floyd fan for a couple of years in my early 20s. I don’t know any you listed between Floyd & The Beatles, other than The Rolling Stones. 🙂

  2. I like all kinds of music especially female vocals. There are some extremely talented women who have fronted bands over the years. Some have since gone to other bands and others have gone solo. Here’s a short list of women I considerd the best:

    Geike Amaert-Hooverphonic
    Marcela Bovio-Stream Of Passion
    Tarja Turunen-Nightwish…Now solo
    Sonja Kraushofer-Persephone
    Elisa Martin-Dark Moor (left the band several years ago)
    Annie Haslam-Renaissance

    • Interesting – I’ve not heard of any of these!!! It’s funny – I’ve generally never liked songs with female vocals as much & all my favorite bands are male. Being a woman, I feel guilty about that! One top ten list I’d planned at some point is a list of my favorite songs with female vocals. It’ll be an odd assortment. I always wished Laura Branigan had had more songs! 🙂 And I love a song called Heartbeats by The Knife. And Teardrop by Massive Attack. Oh, and I like Robyn! And Grimes. Hmm… Maybe I’ll put that list together soon. I’ll have to check out the ones you’ve mentioned too! 🙂

  3. I went through my collection (female vocal division) and came up with a short list of albums not by the major league names that are favorites and wish had a bigger audience. I’m not much of a Laura Branigan fan…too dance oriented or that other D word..disco. There’s not enough room on the internet to write how much a I hate disco. I do like The Knife.
    Okay..enough of this. Here’s the list of top favorite albums. I put them in alphabetical order to make it easier:

    Fight Like A Girl-Emilie Autumn
    Blood Of Angels-Michelle Belanger w/Nox Arcana
    Floating Into The Night-Julee Cruise
    Misbehavin’-Joanna Dean
    Silver Tree-Lisa Gerrard
    Insane Asylum-Kathi McDonald
    Bring Me The Workhorse-My Brightest Diamond
    Pal Judy-Judy Nylon
    Utter Silence-Emily A.Saaen

    • Wow – that’s quite a list for me to work through! And, again, I’ve never heard of any of them. I better get listening to these on YouTube. Thanks! 🙂 But… I do like disco when I’m in the mood for it. Lol 😉

  4. Good list, although I admit that seeing Foo Fighters and no Nirvana and then – boom – Massive Attack&Air (I listened to them for my whole youth) in the same list almost broke my heart…. It seems that with some exception you’re really into post-punk/dark/new wave and post-everything 😉

    • Haha! I’m not sure what I’m into, really… I like a lot of genres but I just like a really good song, no matter what genre it’s in. (Except Country music – I can’t stand Country!). I never really liked Nirvana for some reason, even though it’s my late high school era. I preferred Pearl Jam & Alice In Chains. And, yes – definitely prefer the Foo Fighters. 😉

      • I listen to a lot of different stuff too, but was never really into that kind of rock like Nirvana/FF/PJ… although I’ve still always felt Cobain had a great sendibility. That’s why I asked you that 🙂

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