My Top Ten Celebrities With Color Names

As I’ve already done lists of My Top Ten Color Movies & My Top Ten Color Songs, I figured it was time to also do a list of My Top Ten Celebrities With Colors In Their Names as well. 🙂

I think this list is pretty self-explanatory. I enlisted the hubby’s help & he started giving me lots of names which are colors in other languages. Too complicated! I’m sticking to English (sorry, Mel Blanc). Also, I decided to stick with real people instead of fictional characters as that also got too complicated. So here’s a quick shoutout to two characters I love: Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding from The Shawshank Redemption & Charlie Brown from Peanuts.

Okay – let’s do this! Here are My Top Ten Celebrities With Colors In Their Names (along with my favorite thing they’ve starred in, sung or written):

10. Sienna Miller
My Favorite: Stardust

9. Shel Silverstein
My Favorite: The Giving Tree

8. Robert Redford
My Favorite: Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

7. Eve Plumb
My Favorite: The Brady Bunch

6. Jeff Goldblum
My Favorite: The Fly

5. James Brown, Ian Brown & Jackson Browne
My Favorites: The Boss, I Wanna Be Adored & Somebody’s Baby

4. Jack & Meg White
My Favorite: Icky Thump & Hotel Yorba

3. Scarlett Johansson
My Favorite: The Prestige

2. Jack Black
My Favorite: Tenacious D & School Of Rock

1. Betty White
My Favorite: The Golden Girls

Honorable Mentions (No, I didn’t forget these):
Karen Black, Alicia Silverstone, Frank Black (aka Black Francis), Pink, Emma Stone, Jennifer Grey, Eva Green, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Silverman, Seth Green, Emily Browning, Clancy Brown, Shirley Temple-Black, Rose Byrne, Rose McGowan, Erin Gray, Al Green, Tracey Gold, Matthew Gray Gubler, Shane Black, Joel Silver, Marc Almond, Paul Greengrass, Barry White, Eddie Redmayne, Goldie Hawn, Macy Gray, Otis Redding, The Redgraves, Sharon Stone, Amber Heard, Cee Lo Green, Christopher Plummer, Amanda Plummer, Oliver Stone

And, no – I didn’t forget these either: 😉
Dakota Blue Richards, Red Buttons, Red Skelton, Red West, Ron Silver, Indigo, Amber Tamblyn, Amber Valletta, F Gary Gray, Adam Goldberg, Phil Silvers, Emerald Fennell, Claire Coffee, Professor Green, Jonathan Silverman, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Simply Red, Cilla Black, Dan Brown, Logan Marshall-Greene, Brian Austin Green, Tony Goldwyn, Ginger Rogers, Bobby Brown, Lorne Green

Sorry – I had such a huge list to work off of plus someone always comes along to yell at me for the one thing I missed off of a list. But I’ll still have definitely missed some so let me know of any other Color Names you can think of! 🙂

32 thoughts on “My Top Ten Celebrities With Color Names

  1. What a great post! So glad you had Betty White in there, she’s a legend. I love her in The Golden Girls but I also loved her in The Proposal, she was brilliant 🙂

  2. I have to add blues singer Pink Anderson. After all, his name is one half of the basis for Pink Floyd. For the record the other half was blues singer Floyd Council.

    • Interesting. I didn’t know that! About either the Pink part or the Floyd part. I don’t really know much when it comes to the blues. : ) (But I did like Pink Floyd in my early 20s!)

  3. Great list. My list would include two musicians James Brown & Jack White (but not Meg) the three hotties Scarlett, Sienna & Miss Betty White. A couple of my favorite “blue” comedians Sarah Silverman & Redd Foxx. The great Joel Grey (father of Jennifer, Star of Cabaret) And two cartoon characters Olive Oil & Pinky from Pinky & The Brain.

    • Betty White is definitely hot! ; ) I do like Sarah Silverman. Forgot to include Redd Foxx. Oh – I did add Jennifer Grey but don’t know her father. I do like the cartoon characters! Kept with real life people instead of characters to keep things simple. ; )

    • Thank you! Was fun putting this together. : ) I need to catch up on your blog! Been away so I’ve not been on any of the blogs. Noticed a review for the book The DUFF, I think?? I’ll check that out in a while – I really liked the movie. : )

  4. When I was doing work experience in New York, I spent a day in a TV studio (not a glamorous, interesting TV studio), and when we walked into the control room the two tech guys in there were like, “Jack Black!” And I said something dumb and innocuous like, “Sadly not, I’m afraid,” and they were like, “English Jack Black!” And they called me ‘English Jack Black’ for the rest of the day.

    That’s my Jack Black story. I might start trotting it out every time he comes up.

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  6. HAHA, this is a funny list. The entire idea is totally amusing. I love it. I take exception to one name in the honorable mentions. Almond isn’t a color, it is a food. What color would it be? The shell, the skin, the meat inside once you scrape off the skin? Being a needle craft person and used to describing fiber and fabric colors, I use color names a lot and wouldn’t use almond as a color descriptor.

  7. Ron White (comedian), Dobie Gray (singer of Drift Away), Clint Black, James Brown, AL Green–Don’t remember if some were used but I know some were missed.

    • Hmm. Did I not add Al Green at least? Think I may have mentioned him at the end as I like his music. Think I put James Brown in the top ten, though. 🙂 Must be so many I’ve missed! Tried to at least mention a bunch at the end too but I could probably do with updating the list with current people as the list is quite old now. Glad people are still finding it! 🙂

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