John Hughes Mini-Reviews By Mr Mutant

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I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. So, since starting my little blog here in November 2012 I’ve asked the hubby, Mr Mutant, to contribute several times. I even let him go to a few movies without me as long as he’d review those movies for my blog (where’s my Evil Dead & Robocop remake reviews, dude?? Hmmm???). So, FINALLY, he’s decided he’d like to join in on something. All it took was a John Hughes Blogathon. Yes, he loves his movies too and, quite frankly, it’s a big part of the reason why we got married. So thank you, John Hughes, for helping to bring us together. For the most part. You know, on those days where we like each other. 😉

So let’s hear Mr Mutant’s quick thoughts on every John Hughes movie that he’s seen! Thank you, Mr Mutant! *KissHugCuddle*

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(Artwork by Robert Wolverton)

John Hughes Mini-Reviews

Weird Science


Sixteen Candles

Ranting, raving, racism and rape-ism wrapped up like a birthday gift in this often hilarious “bittersweet sixteen” moment.

The Breakfast Club

Five teens eloquently impart never-bettered observations for every generation’s inner high schooler… and take a toke while they’re at it.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The essence of teenage wisdom distilled into a day’s adventure, alongside a water tower, a symphony of synthetic sickness samples and a fake Ferrari… This film IS the 80s to me.

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Clever script ruined by studio meddling.

National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Cack. This helped give American tourists a bad rep in Europe for decades.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Affectionate classic festive cheese (shitter is full!).

Uncle Buck

Dated but still have much love for this one, warts and all!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Top notch comedy worth repeat views – it’s like a pair of warm pillows – by that I mean welcoming and reassuring, as opposed to hairy arse!

Home Alone

Pure Christmas MAGIC with added sadomasochistic hi-jinks.

Career Opportunities

The essence of shit on a shiny silver disc. With added boobs.

Pretty In Pink

“Otis. I love Otis…”And even though I shouldn’t, I love this…. “Love is real… Real is love”.

The Great Outdoors

Squeak squeak squeeeeak. (Translation: gotta love John Candy but OMFG make it stop!!!)

Drillbit Taylor

Drillbit to the left temple. Next…???!!!???

Maid In Manhattan

Sappy but not as bad as I feared. A near love letter to Manhattan that fails to come close to matching his love letters to the Chicago area.

Home Alone 2

More pure Christmas magic from the tail end of that still-innocent era in American family film… with pigeons and skyscrapers to boot!

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Pretty In Pink in reverse – this underrated 80s high schooler that’s not quite as strong but has almost as many quotable lines… And the right ending!

Mr Mom

Heavily dated but the comedy encapsulates the changing family and working values of the early 80s.

Baby’s Day Out

Agony for adults, but somewhat fun for children (and occasionally for your inner child).

Miracle On 34th Street

Pointless remake still keeps the magic of Christmas alive despite serious flaws in this version.

Curly Sue

The one that made us all realise that even the mighty Hughes could lose his mojo.

She’s Having A Baby

Semi autobiographical and semi yawnsome – but did Kevin Bacon’s character here steal that yellow cab in Planes, Trains & Automobiles? Hughes fans need answers!

Haven’t seen:

Just Visiting
101 Dalmatians
Class Reunion
Reach The Rock
Savage Islands
Tajna Nikole Tesle

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19 thoughts on “John Hughes Mini-Reviews By Mr Mutant

  1. Thanks for finally letting us hear your voice Mr. Mutant (btw, love the cool stuff you always find for your bride to post for us!!)

    Agree with you on most of your reviews, but I think She’s having a baby is one that perhaps you went wrong on. Great question tho about Bacon. (I think he showed up just to make six degrees of KB a bit easier) 🙂

    Jolly good ole chap! (to the Brit who had enough taste to catch a Yank!) 🙂

  2. The man behind the curtain speaks!! He is wonderful AND terrifying!!


    “Career Opportunities

    The essence of shit on a shiny silver disc. With added boobs.” HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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