My Top Ten Kevin Spacey Movies

Happy Belated Birthday to Kevin Spacey, who turned 57 on Tuesday! I guess it’s time for a list of My Top Ten Kevin Spacey Movies, then. 🙂 Here they are, as usual, counting down to my favorite movie (as opposed to performance):

10. Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil

9. The Life Of David Gale

8. K-PAX

7. 21

6. Se7en

5. The Usual Suspects

4. American Beauty

3. A Bug’s Life

2. Moon

1. L.A. Confidential

Honorable Mentions:

– Working Girl
– Outbreak
– A Time To Kill

Any others not on the list are ones that I haven’t seen, such as Elvis & Nixon. There are quite a few Kevin Spacey films that I haven’t seen. What are your favorites? 🙂

43 thoughts on “My Top Ten Kevin Spacey Movies

  1. Great list. A very talented actor. It is always great to see him in “evil” roles like in Seven and in The Usual Suspects. It takes much skill to pull these ones off.

  2. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist……….and like that………he’s gone!”
    One of the greatest crime flicks ever made…………..Kevin Spacey is God!

    • Pixar will always make any list of mine. : ) I do love American Beauty. A lot of people don’t! I was surprised by that – I think it’s a great film & possibly my favorite Spacey role. : )

  3. Se7en is my most favouritest film ever, so that wins for me. I really need to re-watch The Usual Suspects because I think I’d like it more now (I didn’t dislike it, I was more ambivalent), and I’ve still not seen Moon, for shame.

    • Yeah, I figured more people would mention Seven but everyone seems to like The Usual Suspects the most. I was a bit ambivalent about that one too. Oh, yes – you really should see Moon!!! Add it to your massive “To Watch” list. ; )

      • Actually, I hate the movie Se7en. Over the next several years I wouldn’t see several other movies because they were made by the same people who made Se7en. The ending upset me so much. I like horror movies but this one bothered me more than horror movies. All I could think was that the writers were severely warped.

      • I do agree with you on this one… I don’t HATE the film but find it extremely disturbing. I’m not a big horror fan in the first place. Well, I like old “slashers” and unrealistic stuff like that. But I’ve never been a fan of the more realistic, serial killer type movies. Too disturbing. And Se7en is indeed one of the absolute most disturbing of all (although a very well made film). I HATE Gwyneth Paltrow, though, so…. : )

  4. Great list! Love Spacey was lucky enough to see him in a play (and meet him) a few years ago. I still need to catch up with a lot of his films though.

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  6. Kevin Spacey is awesome. I was raised to understand the concept that he was PHENOMENAL. No arguments allowed. Luckily he is that good, so I could roll with it xD

  7. American Beauty is definitely on my top list of films, I recently wrote blog on its preferred reading and what I believe the film is really about. Kevin is a legend and played the role to perfection, The Usual Suspects also made my list!

  8. I think Kevin Spacey is a BRILLIANT actor. One might think his somewhat bland features would work against him in Hollywood. But thankfully, he got started far enough back that it didn’t matter and his asking skills shine. One outstanding film that should be on that list is Ordinary Decent Criminal. I loved that movie.

    • Yep – he’s a great actor. It’s a shame that looks matter so much nowadays (in movies as well as music, where it REALLY shouldn’t matter). Hell, all the best musicians from my beloved 70s were ugly as hell and would never get work now! Lol. Hmm… I’ve never even heard of Ordinary Decent Criminal. I’ll have to look that up! : )

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