The Most Popular Rom-Com In Every State

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m not big on romantic comedies. In fact, the majority make me want to barf. I do like the occasional rom-com, though, as long as they’re actually good. The Princess Bride, Say Anything, and the little-known In Your Eyes are favorites of mine. Okay, I probably like more romantic comedies than I’d ever admit… I just have to be in the right mood for them.

I found the above map fascinating, which shows state by state which rom-com comes up in the most internet searches. I was quite shocked that Pretty In Pink is overwhelmingly the top-searched rom-com in the United States according to Google trends. Being a big Hughes fan (I did a big ‘ol John Hughes Blogathon back in my blogging heyday), I was super happy to see that it still remains so popular. I had no idea! Pretty In Pink (which I reviewed HERE) isn’t my absolute favorite Hughes film (I prefer Some Kind Of Wonderful, which I reviewed HERE) but knowing that my home state apparently still loves it to this day warms my tiny little frozen heart. Idaho has the best taste, though… Yay, Idahoians! As you wish! I don’t know anyone from Idaho. You too, North Dakota! *high five* Give me your heart & I’ll give you a pen!

You can see the article about the above map HERE at the Mental_Floss website, which also contains a link to a bigger image of the map.

Wait… Maybe Americans just really love The Psychedelic Furs???

By the way, if you’re going to a movie with your loved one tonight, I highly recommend The LEGO Batman Movie… 😉

18 thoughts on “The Most Popular Rom-Com In Every State

    • Well, I see that was picked by some! Is that movie set in your state? (I can’t remember where that one was set…). It’s obvious some states search for movies set in that state. : )

    • I noticed that! Odd. I wonder why that is… I’ve not seen that one yet. Maybe it was set or filmed in Maine so those from Maine search for it a lot? And people really don’t like “old”. ; ) I was surprised by Pretty In Pink since most will now consider that old!

  1. very cool! i first thought that the map showed where the rom-coms took place and was surprised to see that PiP was in both wisconsin and minnesota.

    Then I realized….

    Tnx 4 sharing!

    Ur JH blogathon was lots of fun 3 yrs ago, so its about time to do another one dear Mutant! 🙂

  2. My Home state is Idaho. YAY! Now, my current state of residence is Nebraska. Pretty in Pink is okay for me. But then, I am a child of the 80’s and brat pack movies will always be a love of mine.

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