My Top Ten Emily Blunt Movies

Happy Birthday to Emily Blunt, who turns 34 today!

Yesterday I reviewed Sicario so I figured I’d do a list of My Top Ten Emily Blunt Movies since it’s her birthday today. And she’s a current favorite actress of mine (along with Amy Adams – how cool that they play sisters in one of the movies below?). Love these two and also love that they’re getting to play especially strong female characters in the past few years.

I’ve seen JUST enough Emily Blunt movies to make this list… I’ve seen 11 if I include two animated films she did voices for, including one that was an English dubbed version of a Japanese film. Know what? I’m going to TOTALLY CHEAT as I’ve not actually watched that dubbed version since I’m not a fan of English dubbing but I’m going to include the film on the list. Why? Because I HATED Into The Woods! I refuse to put it into a Top Ten! Plus the Japanese anime is a fantastic film (of course – it’s a Studio Ghibli). But I did still like Blunt in Into The Woods – she was one of the very few good things about it.

Here we go! Counting down to my favorite movie, not role, these are My Top Ten Emily Blunt Movies. Although my favorite role of hers is also in my favorite movie of hers…

**Updated March 12th 2017 to add The Jane Austen Book Club. It doesn’t make the Top Ten.**

11. The Jane Austen Book Club


10. Gnomeo & Juliet

9. Wind Chill

8. The Muppets

7. The Devil Wears Prada

6. Sunshine Cleaning

5. The Wind Rises

4. Looper

3. Sicario

2. The Adjustment Bureau

1. Edge Of Tomorrow

Some I’ve Not Seen (quite a few!):

My Summer Of Love
Charlie Wilson’s War
Dan In Real Life
The Young Victoria
The Five-Year Engagement
The Huntsman: Winter’s War
The Girl On The Train (I’ll watch this even though I pretty much hated the book)

19 thoughts on “My Top Ten Emily Blunt Movies

  1. I am soooo with you. I think Blunt is terribly under-appreciated. She is such a talented and versatile actress. She’s also great in My Sister’s Sister, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Young Victoria, and The Great Buck Howard. Love her to death.

  2. Awwww I love Into the Woods, but your number 1 pick is perfect!
    If you hated the Girl on the Train book, you’re definitely gonna hate the movie, but it sure would make a great post to write ;D

    • Hehe. That’s okay – I know people who really enjoyed Into The Woods. Just didn’t work for me (although I liked Blunt). ; ) Yeah, I figure I can have a good rant when I review the adaptation of The Girl On The Train. Although I already moaned about the book so maybe I’ll be less disappointed with the movie since I expect it to be bad! : )

  3. Hahah, I always scoff at the title of that movie she did with Matt Damon. ‘The Adjustment Bureau.’ What a LAME name!! Haha! It’s cool to see it so high on your list though. I should maybe give that a look. You know, instead of making a laugh of the movie I have not seen. 😉

    Nice one Mutesterificus.

      • Hehe. Apparently. To be honest, I KIND of saw that movie. On my couch. But I was having contractions. I somehow thought I could concentrate on movies during that time. I have no clue what happened in that movie AT ALL.

    • TOM!!!! Lol. I suppose The Adjustment Bureau IS a funny name. But it’s a damn good story! But I love my sci-fi stuff. It’s a Philip K. Dick short story. Hehe… That’s a funny name too… Check it out sometime, dude! : )

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