My Top Ten Nicolas Cage Movies

20140418-102538 am.jpg

Haha! WTF? I got this picture HERE.

I’m going to be CRUCIFIED for this list! So, in the spirit of Good Friday… Let’s do this. 😉

The fabulous Abbi of Where The Wild Things Are posted her Top Ten Nicolas Cage Roles (list HERE) and I was all “I don’t really like Nicolas Cage”. Then of course Eric of The IPC came by and was all “You suck! I hate you! I worship Nicolas Cage! Our friendship is OVER!”. Then Abbi said I should do my own Top Ten. So, screw it – I have! Remember I’m not a huge Cage fan and my list is my favorite movies he’s been, not my favorite roles of his. I don’t hate him – I just don’t exactly love him. Jesus – I’m going to get in more trouble over this list than I did for leaving Saving Private Ryan off My Top Ten Steven Spielberg Movies (a list I did HERE for the lovely Zoe of The Sporadic Chronicles Of A Beginner Blogger).

*deep breath*

Here we go….

My Top Ten Nicolas Cage Movies (counting down from ten) *going into hiding now*

10. The Croods

20140418-110619 am.jpg

9. National Treasure

20140418-110733 am.jpg

8. Adaptation

20140418-110819 am.jpg

7. Matchstick Men

20140418-110851 am.jpg

6. Leaving Las Vegas

20140418-110922 am.jpg

5. City Of Angels

20140418-110956 am.jpg

4. The Rock

20140418-111031 am.jpg

3. It Could Happen To You

20140418-111106 am.jpg

2. Con Air

20140418-111139 am.jpg

1. Fast Times At Ridgemont High

20140418-111211 am.jpg

(hahaha! yes, I know – he’s barely even IN my number one choice… sorry!)

Honorable Mentions:
Guarding Tess
Honeymoon In Vegas
The Family Man
National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
Peggy Sue Got Married
Werewolf Women Of The SS 😉

Not Seen and/or Saw Part Of But Don’t Remember Much: *ducks*
Raising Arizona
Wild At Heart
Bringing Out The Dead
Rumble Fish

Don’t Like:
Drive Angry (but Amber Heard is hot)
Snake Eyes

Not Sure How I Feel About:
Gone In Sixty Seconds

79 thoughts on “My Top Ten Nicolas Cage Movies

  1. There was a spectacular episode of ‘community’ (season 5, episode 2) where a workshop was offered at the community college, “Nicolas Cage: Good or Bad?”

    The character Abed obsesses over the question and it leads to a meltdown of Cage impressions in class:

    The clip doesn’t do it justice as it goes on way longer – check out the episode if you get a chance as it really is a tough question: Nic Cage, good or bad?!

  2. also not a really big Cage fan, but I think I like him in a few more than you. I LOVED Family Man and Honeymoon in Vegas and thought that Knowing and Snake eyes had great ideas, but terrible implementation 😦

    Nice list regardless what Eric says. That wanker should bugger himself! 🙂

    • Well, I HAVE seen both. Don’t tell Eric but I think I’ve seen all of Raising Arizona a few times on TV. It just never worked for me. And I can’t really remember Snake Eyes – just that I didn’t like it much. I know – I’m a weirdo… ; )

  3. I actually like Nicolas Cage but I haven’t seen about half the movies you picked because they sounded boring. I saw Adaptation and hated it, was bored for almost all of it. It’s been so long I barely even remember Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I never saw 5, 6, or 7. The Croods was really cute. I didn’t realize he did one of the voices. 9 and 3 were okay. The Rock and Con Air were the best ones on the list. But you have to ignore his bad accent.

    • Lol – I thought people would moan about Con Air being so high! I really like that one. It’s silly but fun. The Rock is great too. : ) Fast Times is an 80s classic! Worth a rewatch if you don’t remember it that well. : )

    • What’s wrong with my number one???? ; ) Hey – someone who likes It Could Happen To You! I thought people would be like “WTF?” but I think not many have even seen it. It’s a great movie! : )

    • Well, I’ve not even seen the first one so I’ve not exactly seen the second either… ; ) Aren’t they meant to be shit?? I saw 60 Seconds but don’t remember it AT ALL. God I have a terrible memory. (Or I just watch too much stuff. Yeah, that’s it…)

  4. Nicolas Cage is amazing! So very bad and so very good at the same time. He is prolific with an impressive body of work. I think I’m going to have to do my own top 10, I’m feeling inspired.

    Oh, and I have a gift for you:

    • Lol! That was funny! Don’t think I’ve seen half of those in the clip. ; ) DO IT! Do a top ten! That would be cool. Mine sucks and I know it. Lol. It’s the “not seen” ones I expected to be in more trouble for… ; )

  5. Most articles always forget about Kiss of Death. Cage is brilliant as Little Jr Brown. I would love to see a remake: 20 years later Jr gets out of prison, and has to learn how to survive without falling back to his old ways. That could be a great movie.

    • Lol – I know… I haven’t gotten in TOO much trouble for my weird list, at least. ; ) I really liked Family Man but now don’t remember it well so just put it as an honorable mention. Should watch it again. : )

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  7. I agree with the number 1 too, I think I posted it that as a comment on someone’s list. No one else remembers that!!! Woo hooo ! Nic Cage flipping burgers and hugging ponies great post.

  8. Someone should STOP Nic Cage from making movies. For the love of all that’s Holy, please, make him stop. A long time ago he made one or two decent films but not for the past twenty years. Everytime I find out he has a new film coming out… its time to be afraid, VERY afraid.

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