My Top Ten Coppola Movies

Happy Birthday to Francis Ford Coppola, who turns 77 today.

This is a part of my Coppola Week. I’ve been reviewing movies directed by Francis Ford Coppola & his daughter Sofia (ones that I’ve seen for the first time this past year). So far, I’ve reviewed The Bling Ring, The Outsiders & Marie Antoinette.

I was going to make this a Top Ten including all of the members of the Coppola family who are in the movie industry but, after looking into how many that would involve, I decided it would be a pain in the ass! Besides, I’ve already done My Top Ten Nicolas Cage Movies HERE. I’ve also never seen the Rocky movies, so there’s no point including Talia Shire. And Jason Schwartzman is mainly in those Wes Anderson movies I can’t stand so screw that. And then there are loads of other family members who do lots of behind-the-scenes stuff such as cinematography so, after researching the Coppola family more than my own ancestry, I decided to make this a list including only Francis Ford & Sofia.

So here are My Top Ten Movies Directed By Francis Ford or Sofia Coppola, counting down to my favorite:

**Updated April 2018 to add The Beguiled remake**

(I’ve seen a total of fourteen so here are 14-11):

14. Jack
13. Somewhere
12. Peggy Sue Got Married
11. The Beguiled (2017)

10. Dracula

9. The Bling Ring

8. Marie Antoinette

7. Apocalypse Now

6. The Conversation

5. The Virgin Suicides

4. The Outsiders

3. Lost In Translation

2. The Godfather: Part II

1. The Godfather

FYI: If they’re not listed, I’ve not seen them. No, I never even bothered to watch The Godfather: Part III. The one I really need to see is Rumble Fish now that I’ve finally watched The Outsiders…! 

I’ll finish Coppola Week tomorrow with a review of The Conversation.

**I recently participated in Ruth from FlixChatter’s Five For The Fifth, in which she asks fellow bloggers five movie or TV-related questions. The fifth question is from a guest blogger & I was this month’s guest with the question “Which character would you most like to see killed off in a current TV show?“. I chose this question knowing I’d be seeing The Walking Dead season finale the next day & now I’d really love to bitch about that ending with fellow bloggers!! Grrr. Have a look at Ruth’s Five For The Fifth post HERE. Thanks again, Ruth! πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “My Top Ten Coppola Movies

  1. I came here just to make sure that The Godfather Part I&II topped your list. Now I am at ease.

    You know, Part III gets a shit load of hate, but it isn’t the worst film ever. Granted, it pales next to the other two, but it also wraps things up. It’s not a bad movie in its own right – it’s sort of like how Bourne Legacy should never have flown under the Bourne banner?


    Great list, loved it!

    • Ha! Yeah… I think I’d have been in big trouble with most people if they weren’t at the top. πŸ˜‰ I really should watch III someday just to complete things but at this point, I should really watch the first two again first as I watched them so long ago. Big commitment. Thank you! It’s awesome to have you back. Although I’m sure you’d rather still be in Italy? πŸ™‚

  2. Great solid list. I’d maybe have The Conversation a little higher cos I freakin love that movie, look forward to your review of it. I haven’t seen it in quite a while, you might have me digging it out to watch πŸ˜€

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    • Well, I think they’re excellent films but must admit they’re not at all my “type” of thing. I’d rather re-watch Sofia’s Lost In Translation than watch those again. πŸ™‚

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